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July 11, 2019

Lee Slattery

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. 7-under today. 5-under through seven. Any particular aspect of your game that was on fire, or all of it good?
LEE SLATTERY: I think it was all good. I think coming off the back of 65 last round last week, yeah, the game's still there. Sometimes it leaves you in a few days, but for some reason, it's still there. Hit it very close and holed a few putts, and it was very aspect, really.

Q. You mentioned the good finish in Ireland. Before that, you had missed six cuts by one shot in a row. That must have been driving you bonkers at the time?
LEE SLATTERY: It was driving me bonkers because there were a couple of unfortunate circumstances that happened during that. It was frustrating more than anything else, but you kind of know your game is quite close. You're going to turn a corner eventually. It's when you start missing cuts by six or seven, that's when you start worrying.

I just had to be patient. Luckily I've got that. I've always been quite a patient person, so I managed to get over the line last week, just, to make the cut on the mark. Then just played great the weekend. I just needed that little bit of a boost and then freed the game up, played great.

Q. You grew up on links golf. How much have you been relishing the opportunity to come and play both in Ireland and down here, and this form of the game we know you're so familiar with?
LEE SLATTERY: Yeah, you're just hitting different shots. You have to shape the ball a lot more into the winds. It's good fun today. The 9th hole is a good example. The wind is into off the right and you're thinking, do I hit a hard flat 4-iron or do I hold a 3-iron up? A lot of times, you don't get that option. You just hit a high 5 in the air.

So yeah, I do enjoy that aspect of it, and even a ten-mile on hour wind in links golf plays its part. In parkland golf, it doesn't, really. When it gets hot, you play in places like Africa where the altitude kicks in, the wind is just not a part of it. For me, this is what I grew up playing and it is good fun, yeah.

Q. Fantastic opening round of 7-under. What are your reflections on that?
LEE SLATTERY: Just played really well. Hit the ball really solid off the tee. Hit my iron shots close. Could have been two or three better, we can always say that, but just played really, really good all around today.

Q. And how did you feel about your game on the green? Seemed like you could have saved yourself a few putts there.
LEE SLATTERY: I think so. I think two or three -- I had two or three chances from maybe ten, 15 feet. I hit them fairly close, and just didn't quite make them. But when I look back at the round, I holed everything I needed to hole. It was a good, solid performance. I'm quite happy.

Q. Seeing you top the leaderboard like this, it has been a while, and do you think it's from the good time that you had in Ireland, as well?
LEE SLATTERY: I think shooting 5-under the first round last week and 5-under the last round last week, it was just good golf. Coming here, felt quite confident. I had turned the corner in making a cut in Ireland, and you know, just feel like the game has freed up a little bit. I'm swinging it better now, and it's a nice time of the year to be swinging it better, so I'll try to make the most of it.

Q. What is it about links golf that suits your game so much do you think?
LEE SLATTERY: Just growing up on links golf courses. I come from a town called Southport which is very popular in England. It's got a huge sort of coast of links golf courses which I play all the time. I just find it the purest type of golf. There's so many ways you can play links golf.

Parkland golf, you can't. It's very one-dimensional. It's just the varieties of different shots and just being out there and trying to hit the different shots. That's what I enjoy the most I think.

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