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July 11, 2019

Romain Wattel

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. Course record of 63. Out in 34, back in 29. Tell us about that round from your point of view.
ROMAIN WATTEL: Obviously that was a really good round. Really pleased with the way I played. I managed to get holes on opportunities and I made them. I'm really happy.

Q. What's going through your mind making birdie after birdie and climbing up that board?
ROMAIN WATTEL: I think that's the goal of every player, trying to make birdies. I just tried to keep going and keep trying to do the same way, and obviously my putting was really good. That was key for me today.

Just try to do the same every hole.

Q. Coming into this tournament, outside the top 200 in The Race to Dubai has not been a good year for you. Did you feel this sort of form coming, any sign of it?
ROMAIN WATTEL: Well, it hasn't been a really good year for me so far. I'm doing my best. I changed my coach last year and it takes time to rebuild the golf swing I think. So I'm working and trying my best, and to date, that was a good round, but we'll see tomorrow.

Q. How excited about the possibilities now with such a good start? You must be excited about the rest of the week to come.
ROMAIN WATTEL: Yeah, that's a really nice course I think. It's really fair. We'll see tomorrow. But today we didn't have much wind, so that's why we've got so many good scores. We'll see if the greens maybe are firmer or more windy tomorrow, I don't know. So we'll see.

Q. How does it feel coming off that?
ROMAIN WATTEL: Yeah, it feels really good. Really happy with the way I played. Obviously there couldn't be a better start than 8-under, so really pleased.

Q. What do you think it is about your game that works so well for you today?
ROMAIN WATTEL: I managed to get opportunities on the green, and the putting was really good. So I made pretty much all the putts. Yeah, I think we didn't get much wind early on, so was able to get close to the pin and made the most of the opportunities. That's why I made so many birdies.

Q. Six birdies on the back nine and finishing on a birdie just now. So what happened to you throughout the day?
ROMAIN WATTEL: Well, made some good shots close to the pin. Made the putts. That was pretty much -- well, I drove the ball well. So then I could manage to put the ball on the green. Yeah, that was the round that we like to play, not too many miss, and putting really often for birdie.

Q. Where do you think such a great performance like this comes from? Because you know that you have had a tricky time this year, so suddenly, you wake up and today you're just playing phenomenal golf. Where do you think that's come from?
ROMAIN WATTEL: I don't know. Every day is different, you know. If you play bad yesterday, doesn't mean that tomorrow -- that today, you are going to play good or the other way around. Every day is different, so yeah, I played good golf. I know that I can play good golf, and that's the most important.

Q. What positives are you going to take from this into tomorrow?
ROMAIN WATTEL: Yeah, well, I'm going to try to stick to the process ask do exactly the same. Tomorrow is a different day, but we're going to try to do everything the same.

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