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July 11, 2019

Zack Sucher

Silvis, Illinois

Q. Quite the finish you had there at the end, birdieing five of the last six. Kind of walk us through some of those holes.
ZACK SUCHER: Yeah, I think those are some of the easier birdie holes, especially when 15 and 18 are downwind. You can get wedges in your hand on both of those. I hit perfect drives coming down to the end which made it a whole lot easier, hitting all those fairways and driving it up by 14. Obviously they moved that up, making it really reachable. That was kind of the difference in the nines was the front nine I made a lot of birdies when the driver was good, but I hit a few that were pretty bad, and the back nine was a whole lot better off the tee.

Q. How does finishing like that boost your confidence heading into tomorrow?
ZACK SUCHER: It's good for tomorrow. Yeah, just keep it rolling, right? It's always nice birdieing five of the last six to finish. It makes the night better.

Q. I saw a Tweet a few days ago calling this your fifth major. What's that about?
ZACK SUCHER: So I enjoy -- I did a podcast with Fore Play, the guys from Bar Stools, and they love this event. They always call this the fifth major. So it was basically a Tweet to those guys.

Q. Coming out and shooting 6-under --
ZACK SUCHER: Exactly right. This was my first PGA TOUR event ever back when I was at amateur golfer still in college, so it's always nice to come back and play it again.

Q. How much has it changed?
ZACK SUCHER: This is the best shape I've ever seen it. It's unbelievable how good the fairways are. It's actually firm and rolling out a little bit. Yeah, it's perfect.

Q. What did you learn from a couple weeks ago at the Travelers?
ZACK SUCHER: That if I play my game out here and with a solid week, I can compete for the event, which is the first time I've done that out here. I've done it on the Web.com or the Korn Ferry TOUR. That was the first time out there actually saying, if I play my game and play well, I can compete at the end of the week.

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