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July 11, 2019

Ryan Blaum

Silvis, Illinois

Q. What worked best for you today and how was your day?
RYAN BLAUM: You know, honestly, it was steady. It was just steady, solid golf. No bogeys. I love, love no bogeys. On the last hole kind of a bad break where I hit a good drive in the fairway but my feet were in the bunker. Hit my second shot, trying to get it near the green. Otherwise it would have been a nice solid 9-iron and it goes into that left pin for me. But to make par on the last, I'm really happy with it, and kind of just steady golf and making a birdie one every three holes or so.

Q. You've played here before, but some of the other guys talked about the course may be as good as it's ever been. Did it play well for you?
RYAN BLAUM: It is as good as it's ever been, and my caddie Shane has been here six or seven times, and almost everyone that I've talked to has never seen it this dry. With the ball rolling out in the fairways, I think that helps me. It makes the course play a touch shorter, makes it play a little tighter because the ball can roll out into the rough. So you're putting short clubs in my hand, which I'm kind of an average length guy out here, so I like it a lot.

Q. You had four birdies on the back nine, two of which were the par-3s. Does that play to your strength, the birdies on the par-3s?
RYAN BLAUM: Yeah, I think so. I even hit a good shot on 7, the par-3, and had just 12, 15 feet for birdie there. The birdie on 12 was a bomb. It was about a 40-footer that broke about 10 feet, so you don't usually count on those. But 16 was just a wedge, so it fit my eye really well, and I hit it up there to about five feet.

Q. For you it's a late afternoon, early morning turnaround. Anything you do overnight, just come out in the morning and be ready to go?
RYAN BLAUM: I'll probably fill up the tub with ice, get in there and do a little ice bath, just kind of speed up the recovery, eat a ton of food, get ready for tomorrow.

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