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July 11, 2019

Matthew Wolff

Silvis, Illinois

Q. For a newly-minted member of the PGA TOUR, a newly-minted PGA TOUR winner, a slow start but a strong finish for you. Tell me about your day.
MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, it was all pars on the front nine. Just couldn't really get the putts to drop, and it actually was a pretty good par on 14, that drivable hole, and then just missed a short one on 17 and then a good save on 18, which kind of gave me a little bit of momentum.

Birdied the first three on the back, and on 8 I hit it to about four feet, so it was a nice finish, and no bogeys is always nice.

Q. What has the week been like for you? Was there any concentration problem? You've had so much happen in a span of four days.
MATTHEW WOLFF: It's been pretty hectic. I think the biggest thing is just getting some sleep, conserving my energy. I came here, and the night after the win I had so much adrenaline, really couldn't sleep on the bus ride over, even when I got to the hotel. And been catching up a little bit. But luckily took a couple naps and I was ready to go this morning.

Q. Slow start, but maybe that par putt at 18 kind of turned things around for you?
MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, it was definitely a little jump start. I wasn't really making anything. Was hitting it good, which is always nice and something I rely on, but putts just didn't really seem to drop. And 18 I kind of snuck it in and gave me some confidence.

Hit a -- pulled my drive a little bit on 1. Don't like to admit it, but it turned out really well and got it up-and-down, barely missed that eagle putt on 2 and then hit a nice one in on 3. So it was a nice start to the back nine and gave me a little bit of confidence to finish off the round.

Q. You're like the student out there with the elder statesmen from Oklahoma State with Charles Howell III and Kevin Tway. What was it like out there playing with guys who played at OSU?
MATTHEW WOLFF: It was awesome. I've said it 100 times, and everyone who went to Oklahoma State has said it: We're a family out there. I've met Charles Howell a couple times, I've seen Kevin a lot and Rickie and there's a bunch more players, Hunter Mahan out here, who are fellow OSU grads, and it's really cool to see the Pokes kind of taking over the TOUR and playing well. Charles is pretty much a walking ATM and Kevin has had a pretty good year, as well, so to play with them and learn what they do out here is pretty neat.

Q. Just four weeks ago you make your professional debut. Four days ago you win your first professional tournament on the PGA TOUR. What's the coolest thing that has happened to you?
MATTHEW WOLFF: Definitely my PGA TOUR card. That's something that I've dreamed of for a long time. It's something that I've worked hard for. Every single day I wake up in the morning, I work to get to that goal, and eventually I want to be the No. 1 player in the world. But put myself in a pretty good spot, and it's a good start.

Q. Did it feel different today being introduced as a PGA TOUR winner?
MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, definitely a lot different. I don't think the win has settled in yet really. I think it's still kind of just taking a little time. But you know, the weight off my shoulders is really big, just going out here, freeing up, and not just really worrying about I have to get my TOUR card or I have to do this. There's really no pressure on me anymore. I'm doing what I do, and I just love being out here.

Q. Off to a hot start, particularly coming off last week's win. Where are you at and how do you keep this momentum up?
MATTHEW WOLFF: I think obviously coming off a win, I have a lot of confidence and momentum. Everything feels really good in my game. Carrying that over into this week is really important. Like I said, I got some rest and I caught up on some sleep, which was nice, and this course suits me really well, along with last week. I feel like there are a lot of similarities, and definitely my length is a little bit of an advantage here, and the fairways are a little generous so I can attack and take a little more drivers, which I could do last week, and it just feels nice to back up a win with a good round.

Q. Particularly with that back nine, too, fitting your game pretty well, three birdies in a row. Talk a little bit about what was working there.
MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, it was a lot of fun. I think, like I said, I cut some corners, so No. 1, I took it over the corner of the left trees and almost drove the green, and 2, I had 9-iron into a par-5. It was little things like that that gave me that little bit of an advantage. I feel like what I've been doing really well lately is once I made a birdie I keep that momentum and string a few together, which is nice, and just looking to keep it going.

Q. I know this is a new venue, but from practice rounds to today, what did you notice in terms of how the course is firming up a little bit, and what do you think that might mean for the weekend if it keeps getting drier?
MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, I like the course how it is. The firmer the better. I hit it high and I can spin the ball a lot on the greens. I think I like playing harder courses not only condition wise but just score wise, and it's cool. This course is in amazing shape. The greens are a little old-fashioned last week, but like I said, perfect, and it suits my eye, so I like being out here.

Q. The drive on No. 1, was it the way you pictured it?
MATTHEW WOLFF: I was going over the limbs. I kind of pulled it a touch because it went over the right center of that tree, but I thought worst case I was going to be in that rough with a pretty easy chip and a lot of green to work with, and I got up there almost on the green, which was pretty cool.

Q. What's it like playing with Charles, who 20 years ago now was kind of in your shoes a little bit?
MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, it's awesome playing with him. I've talked to him a little bit, and going to OSU, as well, it's like family out there. He told me as soon as I got out here if I needed any help or any advice that please don't hesitate to ask him, and he's been really gracious and a good -- kind of a good elder to look to. But he's a great player, as well, makes a lot of cuts, and he's been out here for 20 plus years, or I don't even know, for a reason. Just learning a little bit about his game and how he carries himself is pretty cool to see.

Q. What kind of experience from last week can you carry into tomorrow and hopefully the weekend?
MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, it's just the confidence I think is the biggest part. Coming off that win, I played really well, strung together four rounds in the 60s and one 62, and I'm just hitting it really good. The round when I shot 62, I was -- I didn't really make anything over 10, 15 feet, I was just hitting it that good. But I think once my putter gets hot, then I can put a low one up and climb up the leaderboard, which is kind of what my game is.

Q. Did you see any Wolff Pack tee shirts out there?
MATTHEW WOLFF: I haven't see any tee shirts. That would be pretty cool to see. I'm sure there's a few out here, and just thankful to have fans like last week they were amazing and this week they've been really amazing, too.

Q. I know you wanted to keep as many things as you can the same, but how does it feel playing your first round after becoming a PGA TOUR winner?
MATTHEW WOLFF: It's definitely a lot stress-free. Having that PGA TOUR card locked up is a lot of weight off my shoulders, and a lot more comfortable playing with two OSU grads, as well, Kevin Tway and Charles Howell, it was a lot of fun out there, and the tee time slot was a little better, as well, and glad to put a good number up.

Q. How is the dynamic around you Cowboys?
MATTHEW WOLFF: We're family. I mean, Charles I haven't really seen too much, but Kevin I've seen a lot, and Rickie comes back and Talor Gooch, Hunter Mahan, I can keep on going, Viktor is out here now. It's cool to see a bunch of OSU grads out here and thriving, and hopefully we'll keep on adding to that number.

Q. An impressive display, bogey-free. Given everything you've gone through in the last five days, how are you able to keep the momentum?
MATTHEW WOLFF: Just confidence. I think that's the biggest thing coming off four rounds in the 60s, one 62, and then the 65 to close out last week is a huge confidence builder. Everything in my game feels really good right now, and I just kind of stuck to my game plan, got a little bit of sleep, which was nice, and then kind of just went back to my game plan. Me and Steve were focused out here and we're looking to get another win.

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