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June 5, 2005

Jeff Sluman


Q. Your feelings on today just to start off with.

JEFF SLUMAN: Well, congratulations to Bart. He played some great golf today and hung in there and made a ton of putts when he needed to. It looks like he's either in a playoff or going to win it outright. I told him I was really proud of him on 18 after he didn't hit a great shot but it certainly didn't look like it had a chance to go in the water.

My game, I thought I actually played pretty well but I played the par 3s poorly and that's ultimately what ended up costing me. I bogeyed three of them today. One out of 4 I thought I hit a perfect shot, and 8 and 12 I pulled them, and that was it. Besides that, I played pretty good. I really basically hit two bad shots today.

Q. Were those on par 3s.

JEFF SLUMAN: Yeah, they were 8 and 12.

Q. You had to be pretty proud of yourself, not to sit here and pat yourself on the back but to come in here and play the way you did all week long from the get go all the way till the end?

JEFF SLUMAN: Yeah, I was in there basically until I missed that putt on 18. I thought that was a killer. And I missed probably a three foot left to righter on 4 and then on 6 and 14, birdie putts from six feet. And then besides the little two bogeys, but if I make those three putts, I'm right there until the end.

Like I said, I have nothing to complain about. I played well all week long and feeling more confident with my putting and chipping and all that, so I see good things ahead for me.

Q. Coming up this stretch, Memorial, Booz Allen at Congressional and then the Open, does next week take on added significance because of the course or just kind of a different buzz?

JEFF SLUMAN: A little bit. I mean, the field is going to be certainly much stronger than the average field at the Booz Allen, and I don't know whether it's probably obviously a combination of the golf course and the week prior to the U.S. Open, it's going to be a wonderful test of golf and I'm looking forward to playing it because I thought Congressional was a fantastic golf course at the Open. It's a golf course, once again, just like here that demands precision off the tee and good play. You can't get up there and spray it all around.

Q. As you look back at what this week could mean to you, it's somewhat of a momentum builder. I guess how thankful are you that it began with a sponsor's exemption?

JEFF SLUMAN: Yeah, I could be hitting there at home watching all this on television. As I said numerous times this week, I'm thanking the tournament committee for inviting me and showed them they made a good choice.

Q. And last question, do you feel you missed an opportunity here despite all the good vibes?

JEFF SLUMAN: Well, any time you're in the last group or second to last group and you're tied, you've got an opportunity, but no matter what, sometimes it just doesn't work out. I mean, only one guy is going to walk away with the crystal, and there's probably 15 or 20 guys that would say they missed an opportunity.

End of FastScripts.

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