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July 11, 2019

Zach Johnson

Silvis, Illinois

ZACH JOHNSON: I didn't get much out of what I had, and then I had some, I guess, mis-clubs. It's hard to be aggressive when you mis-club with wedges, but frustrating. I'm coming into the week and I've actually been playing quite well, so that's frustrating.

Q. No. 2 was obviously disappointing, you had a shot at eagle --
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, it was 40 feet, but I hit it down there to four and a half, five feet, thought it was going to go left, went right.

Q. And you birdie 9 of all holes, tough one there.
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, if there's one positive, that's the one.

Q. Golf is such a love-hate sport. I know you wish you had a better opening round here, but give us some impressions of the state of your game as it stands now?
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, coming into the week, I was extremely excited. I had seen a lot of good work, seen a lot of improvement, positives. I mean, I had three weeks off. That's neither here nor there, but in those three weeks I worked really hard. The work I was doing was very strategic, and I'm still going to trust the fact that that work will surface at some point. It just didn't today for whatever reason. Frustrating. The good shots I hit I didn't get anything out of it, and the bad ones were scrambling a little bit. It's the best I've seen this golf course in a long time. It's tremendous right now. Obviously there's some low scores, but that's going to happen here. I've got an opportunity tomorrow.

Q. You're on the board of directors here, this area loves you, you're a past champion. Give us some highlights of your event on Monday. I know a lot of the PGA TOUR professionals were there.
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, I wouldn't even know where to start. It was fantastic. Each year it seems to be growing and getting better. Our program, Kids on Course, is growing by the year, so we need support. It's been one of the most humbling and yet, I would say, certainly best endeavors I've ever been associated with. I'm just kind of the one on the outside. There's a lot of individuals on the inside that are doing the work. But Sunday and Monday was terrific. A bunch of my peers came and supported it, which was great. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and thought it was pretty easy, so pain-free is what I want, keep them coming back, and Cedar Rapids came out, too, so it was great support.

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