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July 11, 2019

Thomas Aiken

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. Starting a Rolex Series Event, Scottish Open, 7-under par. Your thoughts overall?
THOMAS AIKEN: Yeah, very pleased the way I played. The weather looked a bit gloomy this morning and thought we were in for a very wet day but seemed to clear up after a few holes. Conditions were pretty much as benign as you're going to get around here. I think the leaderboard showed that. But that being said, you've still got to put the ball in position on these greens. They are pretty tricky and there's a lot of slope in them. When you get them on the wrong side of the hole, it's tough to two-putt. Overall, very pleased with the day's play.

Q. Run of five birdies in six holes on the front nine. What kind of clicked?
THOMAS AIKEN: Not much. I've been away from the game a little bit this year, and the last few weeks have been a bit rusty. I think it's just kind of getting that rust off, and today felt a lot better. I felt a lot more in control. I really hit the ball well from tee-to-green. I think I only missed one green the whole day, which was the 8th, and it was just off the green and unfortunately ended up three-putting it.

Yeah, other than that, I kept the ball in the right positions and I think that's key around here. If you give yourself chances, there's a lot of availability to make birdies. But if you hit it in the wrong spot, it can be a little tricky.

So I think position of the ball was the key to the round today.

Q. You mentioned a couple of disappointing weeks. Is there a different feeling coming into this week? I mean, how do you go from a couple weeks like that and suddenly a birdie blitz today?
THOMAS AIKEN: I've actually been away for four months, so it really has been quite a long time, and getting back into tournament golf after not playing for four months is tough because you kind of lose your competitive edge. Although you might still be able to hit a few balls and stuff, but you definitely lose that competitive edge, and I think the last two weeks, Valderrama, I played pretty well, but just wasn't quite there. And last week, again, I played fairly well for the first, I'd say, 20 holes, and then kind of fell apart at the end.

I think playing your way back into things is definitely the way it goes, and it takes a bit of time. Luckily for me, it's only taken two weeks.

Q. So now heading into tomorrow, you've put yourself in a nice position at the start of the week. Is there something you're going to particularly work on and take from your round today?
THOMAS AIKEN: Yeah, I think I stayed pretty patient out there. Kind of didn't let any emotions get the best of me. Just really focused on where I needed to position the ball, and I think that's definitely key around here and I'm going to take that into the next three rounds. If I can keep hitting it the way I am, then I think we're in for a good shout.

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