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July 11, 2019

Andy Sullivan

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. Was this just a continuation of what you've been doing?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I've been playing really nicely leading into this week. You know, just a change of ball, really, has helped me get my little fade back in and get some control out there, which worked well out there today. You could take dead aim. Felt really good out there.

Q. You burst on the scene in 2015 with three wins; you haven't won since. How do you balance being patient and not forcing it, but also being impatient and wanting that fourth European Tour win?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I'd say it's been more of a frustrating two years than patient. Yeah, you know, I think things, if you get to, come very quickly to me, Ryder Cup and winning three times. Sometimes you have to take a backwards step to learn and really figure out where to go and where not to go, sort of thing. Just took a bit of a spiral, but finding my way back on my feet again and starting to play some really good golf again.

Q. What have you learned over these last couple of years of trying to get back to where you want to be?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Playing bad sucks. But you do learn a lot. You learn a lot more when you are playing bad, and you learn, you know, when the good stuff comes, and I'm going to really enjoy it again. That's what I've been doing the last few weeks is really playing with a smile on my face and going out there and enjoying it. Hopefully as long as that can continue, I'll continue shooting good scores.

Q. A fantastic opening round. Obviously a course that suits your eye?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, it's only the second time I've had a look at it. It was perfect out there today. Not much wind. The rain held off, so it felt like a low one was out there and I got hot in the middle of both nines. Hit iron shots close and didn't feel like I holed massive long putts or anything. I was hitting it pretty close, so it felt really good.

Felt nice to go out there and have full control of my game, and it was just flow-flowing. It was nice.

Q. How does it compare with other links courses?
ANDY SULLIVAN: It's a little different. I don't think the rain's done it any favours, making it a bit softer. So you're probably not going to see the linksy-type shots out there. You're going to see it more thrown up with the spin and getting it close. It's a shame, really, because if you could have got it firm, it would have been interesting to see firm greens around here, could have really slowed the scoring up.

Q. A decent following, as well, with Grant Forrest playing with you, and he scored well, as well, didn't he?
ANDY SULLIVAN: He played lovely. Really impressed with him. Really strong player and I'm sure there's more to come from him. It was good out there. Obviously a few people following Grant. Tried to show him up a little bit, but no, it was good fun.

Q. Will you be watching this afternoon?
ANDY SULLIVAN: No, I won't be watching any golf. We'll be watching the cricket, unfortunately, England trying to do the Aussies, so yeah, that will be me.

Q. That was looking good. It must feel like some continuation from your great week last week.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, obviously full of confidence off the back of second last week, so feels good to get back out there, and obviously to start in the manner I finished off last week. Hopefully long may it continue.

Q. And your iron play was looking good. Did you feel that, especially looking at that tee shot on the 5th?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, definitely. I struggled with my irons last week. I struggled to get the control on it as much and it was nice to get out there and get some confidence back with that again today. Obviously being no wind really helped out there. You could really take dead aim and go at the pin. Felt really nice to get back to how I felt like I did when I was playing really well again, so it was nice to go through all that and yeah, hopefully I can just keep doing the same thing.

Q. Great to see you up here with this great score because it's been a few years since your win. Being in contention like this at a Rolex Series, what did that feel like?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, you want to peak for these sort of tournaments and get in contention. It's part and parcel of it. First time I've been in contention a long time last week.

For me, it's just focussing on going out there and having fun. I know if I do that, I'm going to give myself the best chance of being in and around it. Just going to continue to have a laugh with my caddie, constantly ribbing each other. That's the way I'm going to get through it. Hopefully it pays off. It did back in 2015, so hopefully it continues.

Q. Do you expect to see a lot of other low scores today and over the weekend?
ANDY SULLIVAN: It's soft and there's not much wind, so I would expect a lot of birdies. You can really get close to the pin, so it's just a bit of a shame, like I say, the rain has made it as soft as it has. If it was firmer, it would have played more challenging, but you can only play what's in front of us.

Q. How frustrating dropping that shot on the way in? We've seen a few come to the end of their rounds and dropping shots the last couple holes.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, 8 and 9 are not easy holes. 17, 18, not easy holes, especially 18, so it's quite easy to do. I didn't feel like I did a lot wrong. Tried to hit it in that left rough area. Didn't quite get the lie I wanted and tried to run it up the green and just ran too far. Hit the chip nice and come off with a 5, and that's golf. Hit a few crap shots that have gone close today. It's one of them. You take part and parcel of it, don't you. It's just links golf and that's the way it goes sometimes.

Q. Do you now sit here and watch everyone go out or will you try and get away from it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I don't watch golf at the best of times, so I definitely won't be watching any golf. I'll be firmly sat on the sofa with a cold beverage watching the correct.

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