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July 11, 2019

Grant Forrest

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. Happy with your round?
GRANT FORREST: Yes and no. Probably took it at the start of the day when it was coming down. Played nicely. Had a lot of chances and didn't really get any putts to drop. We'll take 4-under.

Q. How did it help you playing with Andy and the way that he was playing, as well? At one point, he was 8-under par?
GRANT FORREST: Yeah, he was just knocking the flags out. I think he almost holed out three times. We hit quite a few really close, which really helps out here. Yeah, I'm getting used to it. Always helps when your playing partner is doing well.

Q. Being a local lad, does that put extra pressure on you this week?
GRANT FORREST: Yeah, maybe.

Q. You don't look as if you feel it,
GRANT FORREST: I felt absolutely fine today. I didn't feel like there was anything extra. I think after last week, I feel really relaxed. Just game is in good shape, so we're just trying to be patient.

Q. Big week for you, trying to be here for the weekend, trying to push as high up that table to try and get into The Open for next week?
GRANT FORREST: Yeah, obviously huge out here, Rolex Series, only have five or six of them before the final three, so if you can have good weeks on these weeks, it sorts out your season. Obviously Open spots are there this week again. Have to have a good performance. Just going to play our best, and if that comes, a really nice bonus.

Q. And this afternoon?
GRANT FORREST: Yeah, nice thing about early/late, you get a lot of time in between. Get some grub and do a bit of work this afternoon and have a nice, relaxing night.

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