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July 11, 2019

Youngin Chun

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Nice round, Youngin.
YOUNGIN CHUN: Thank you.

Q. Career best, season best, 64.

Q. What was working well for you today?
YOUNGIN CHUN: Well, I didn't know I shot 64 today. The funniest thing I finish par on the 18 and then I saw the leaderboard and there is a 7-under and I was like, Who is that? I asked my dad, I think I shot 6, right? He said, No, you're 7. So it was me. (Laughter.)

Q. What is that feeling like to come off 18 and see your name up there atop the leaderboard?
YOUNGIN CHUN: I mean, I saw it, I saw my leaderboard, my name was top No. 1 at No. 7 or something. I was shot like 3-under. I don't care, because 18 and then there is three more rounds. But I'm just happy that my name is up there.

Q. What part of your game was working well for you today?
YOUNGIN CHUN: Well, honestly my driver wasn't that good. I don't know how many fairway I hit today, but iron is so good. I mean, first year on LPGA, kind of tough year, but my shots getting better and better. I play two pro-am this week, Monday and Tuesday, and my shot was like totally fine, like so good.

So I just want to keep my irons like today, but I think it's happen, so...

Q. You shot 7 of 14 fairways.
YOUNGIN CHUN: 7, oops. (Laughter.)

Q. It's your first year here. What were your first impressions of the golf course?
YOUNGIN CHUN: Well, I mean, when I play practice round this course I felt like this kind of easy course, like last week. So I'm pretty sure there is lots of under this course, but I haven't checked the last year score.

I told my friend and she's like, Hey, don't check. Just play golf. And I did. So I don't know what's the last year's score, but, well, yeah, it was kind of easy first day for me.

Q. Now 19 years old, career-best round. Very short career thus far on the LPGA Tour; rookie season. Was that a course you felt you were going to play well on when you saw it the first time?
YOUNGIN CHUN: No. Honestly, I play only one time this course on a Monday, and I play pro-am the other course, so actually I play only once.

I felt like there is lots of under this course. I don't know, kind of narrow fairway but small green. So my dad told me, If you going to put it on the green you're gonna, like, lots and lots of birdie out here. I'm just focused that I'm trying to make birdies.

Q. Is it an aggressive attitude from the beginning?
YOUNGIN CHUN: Yeah, kind of. (Laughter.)

Q. Kind of? Kind of conservative? Make sure you have a chance to hit it on the green?
YOUNGIN CHUN: Honestly I usually hit fairway a lot, the something like between 10 and 14. Today just 7. I know. But my irons like so good today. When I make a mistake, ball go left, but just especially this week I'm trying to straight like right side of the pin.

So I'm just focus put on the green. Because the green is so small here, so if you put on the green you're going to birdie chance. But my putter was good today.

Q. I'll say.
YOUNGIN CHUN: Yeah. (Laughter.)

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