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July 9, 2019

Shane Bieber

Cleveland, Ohio

Q. Second Indian to win the All-Star Game MVP here in Cleveland. What did you think when you heard it was you?
SHANE BIEBER: I didn't really know what to think. Kind of lost all feeling in my body. But it's an incredible feeling now, now that it's kind of sinking in. Just to be able to do it in front of the home crowd and my first All-Star Game is definitely not something I expected, especially being added to the game five days ago, four or five days ago.

Like I said, just to be able to do it in front of the home crowd was extremely special to me. And they definitely helped me tonight.

Q. You struck out the side to get the MVP award. Two outs in the inning and everyone is chanting your name. Did that jack you up even more as you were preparing to strike out the side?
SHANE BIEBER: Yeah, absolutely. Kind of stepped off the back of the mound after one of the pitches and wasn't totally able to look up and see everything, just because there was so much going on, but I heard everything and really soaked it all in.

You know, I can't really thank the fans enough for creating that moment for me and making it really special.

Q. What did you have working so well tonight to strike out the side, what was feeling so good for you?
SHANE BIEBER: I think I got all three out on three different pitches, one fastball, the second was a curveball and the last one was a slider. Just trying to mix it up, pitch my game. I was just trying to pitch three outs and get out of the inning and get it over with.

Things panned out pretty well. Like I said, definitely enjoyed it.

Q. To be here at the All-Star Game, what have you been doing so well? How have you improved this season and what did you do to earn this spot to begin with?
SHANE BIEBER: Baseball is a funny game. You do all you can to prepare and go out there and you expect yourself to do well, but you can do everything right and not get the results you want. So really just trying to be as consistent as I can with my prep work and my mentality and my mindset and going into every game five days, just going out and giving the team the best chance to win. I think if you do that, things will pan out in the long run and fortunately I was able to do that the most part of the first half.

Q. When you walked off, I think Frankie caught you at the top of the dugout. What was that moment like, and what did you guys say?
SHANE BIEBER: It was incredible. He said, "Congrats, proud of you." I told a couple of people earlier not just him but he, Brad and Carlos all kind of took me under their wing this weekend. Brad and Frankie having been there a couple of times themselves, they told me to just enjoy it. It's going to be a lot, and it sure was, but just take it all in as much as I could, and go with it and roll with it and enjoy it.

He said he was proud of me and getting that reception from the dugout, and those guys and those names was extremely special.

Q. How did you choose between the trucks, and can you negotiate an All-Star MVP clause into a rookie contract next year?
SHANE BIEBER: Yeah, we'll see. I don't know how I chose between those trucks, I'm still in California, so I need something a little more mobile, so I had to go with the smaller one. We'll look into the specs and see -- I don't know if my answer is permanent or not, but we'll definitely look into it.

Q. To have Carlos Carrasco out there for that moment, what did that mean to you, what did it mean to him and what was going through your mind as you're out there and you know what he's fighting right now?
SHANE BIEBER: I think it was extremely special for me, for him, for our teammates, for Terry, and the city of Cleveland as a whole. I think that was a really special moment. And for him to be doing what he's doing and kind of turning it over on its head into a positive light and spending more time at the Children's Hospital and spending time with kids, it's something only he would do.

And he's a really special person. I've only known him for a year, year-plus and he's -- I said this earlier, but he's one of the best people I've ever met in my life. Nothing but respect for him and we're standing with him and love him.

Q. Does the Ted Williams MVP Award trump the King of the Hill Award? And what reaction are you expecting when you get back home from Trevor?
SHANE BIEBER: I don't know. My phone is buzzing right now, I can feel it. And I wouldn't be surprised if it's him. He's an awesome teammate and I know all my teammates were shooting me texts and congratulating me. And it means a lot. I think this one means a little bit more than the King of the Hill, just because I can maybe hold it over Trevor's head a little bit longer. But I'm excited to see the reaction.

Q. Last time the game was here Sandy Alomar was the MVP. Has he said anything or does that kind of blow your mind to think you're kind of following in his footsteps?
SHANE BIEBER: Absolutely. It's definitely mind-blowing. I haven't seen him yet. I'm excited to go see him. I don't know if I'll see him tonight or Thursday in the workout before Friday's game. Definitely excited to see him and talk to him, and it's nice to kind of keep it in the city of Cleveland.

Q. Tell us about the little thing you had going with Brad Hand about the immaculate inning.
SHANE BIEBER: He came up to me and he asked me if I was nervous. I said, I'd be lying if I said no. He said, yeah, my first one, I was just trying to throw strikes. And I said, what are you trying to do now? And he said I'm trying to throw an immaculate inning. Obviously he had lofty expectations, and that's always a fun thing to do and it helps you enjoy the game a little bit more, especially if you get one of those in an All-Star Game, that would be pretty special. It was kind of a joke we had going.

But Brad is one of those guys that likes to keep it fun and light, and I think that's part of the reason he's so good.

Q. You had that moment with the fans chanting for you to get that third strikeout. And then for Carlos to have that moment with the fans, like you said, you haven't known Carlos all that long, but when you see that and you see a veteran like that and the kind of relationship he does have with the fans here, what does that make you think about, maybe what you would like that relationship to be like when you're here for ten years?
SHANE BIEBER: Yeah, it's incredible. The city of Cleveland has not just embraced me but embraced this team for so long. It's such a good, hard, gritty town. I can't say enough about how this All-Star Weekend and week has been run. I was talking to some guys and they said it's one of the better-run All-Star Games and weekends that they've been to. And those are guys that have been to three or four, five, six All-Star Games.

So I think that means a lot, and I think that's really special to say about the city of Cleveland. They always have our back, no matter what, even when we were a little bit further down in the standings earlier in the year. Now that we're making a push at it, you can definitely feel the momentum especially from the city.

Q. Drafted in 2016 and now you, Sandy Alomar and Pedro Martinez are the only three players to win the MVP in your home ballpark. Talk about the meteoric rise.
SHANE BIEBER: Yeah, that's incredible to just hear you say that. I don't think it's hit me. And I don't know when it will, but it's going to hit me hard. I'm definitely looking forward to it. That's a pretty special thing to hear and to try to soak in.

Q. With the injuries to the team's starting rotation this year, they needed you to step up big. You did it at an All-Star level. And today in front of the home crowd you became the All-Star MVP. Do you thrive with the pressure on?
SHANE BIEBER: Yeah, I like to try to think that. Like I said earlier, baseball is a funny game, you do what you can. You can do everything right and things might not go your way, so you try not to put too much pressure on yourself.

Just relied on our teammates. Yeah, we were plagued with a few injuries earlier in the year, but guys came right up and stepped right up and helped us win right away, and I think that's a testament to the organization and the guys we have.

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