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July 9, 2019

Vinny Del Negro

Stateline, Nevada

(Interview with Vinny Del Negro on NBA Radio, Sirius/XM with Tim Legler and Evan Cohen).

Q. This is the 30th anniversary of this event. Vinny, did you know you were 75-to-1 to win this tournament?
VINNY DEL NEGRO: I've been playing in it so long they don't have a choice but to put some type of odds on there. But I'd recommend you guys spending your money on going to buy a Starbucks coffee or something (indiscernible).

Q. Can we actually bet on this? Can we bet on this?
VINNY DEL NEGRO: Oh, yeah, it's huge. We're in Reno, I mean Lake Tahoe.

Q. Evan touched on the fact that you're 75-to-1. I'm looking at some of the guys in the tournament -- this is a big-time field, unbelievable -- but they've got Barkley at 7500-to-1. Why is he not 750,000-to-1?
VINNY DEL NEGRO: Probably capped it out (indiscernible). I mean, Tony Romo, Mark Mulder and John Smoltz, they play in PGA TOUR events. I mean, these guys are serious golfers. I'm up here with my family relaxing, trying not to hit anybody in the stands and stuff and just having some fun.

But this thing is so fun. I've been playing in it, I don't know, 20 years. NBC, American Century, unbelievable. The whole thing up here is awesome -- concerts and comedians and dinners and charities and pro-ams. It's just fun and the weather's great.

We're all competitive junkies, so we get to see some buddies we haven't seen for a while. There's a bunch of NFL coaches and everyone gets together and talk leadership and team. It's just so much fun. I enjoy it, and it's a great event.

Q. And you left out guys like Steph Curry and Justin Timberlake and Aaron Rogers. And it will be televised as well, right, NBC?
VINNY DEL NEGRO: Yeah, NBC all weekend. I don't know -- 40, 50,000 fans out here. They do an unbelievable job. It's so beautiful up here, too.

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