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July 9, 2019

Russell Knox

North Berwick, Scotland

CLARE BODEL: Back in Scotland. It's not really the weather you're used to, but you must enjoy coming back.

RUSSELL KNOX: I actually thoroughly enjoyed slashing it on the range today in the rain. It's been a while since I put on the rain suit and just hit balls on the range in the rain. Quite enjoyed that.

Last week in Ireland, I played nine holes in the rain, and I did horribly. I kind of wanted to practice a little bit today, even though it was pouring rain. But no, it's amazing to be back. Always feel like I'm at home instantly when I touch back on Scottish soil.

CLARE BODEL: Last time the Scottish Open was around here back in Gullane back in 2015, you had a Top-10. Is there something that you like about this part of the world, being on Scotland's gulf coast?

RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, it's beautiful here. Obviously Gullane last year, as well, did all right. But it was nice to Top-10. I think I was close at Royal Aberdeen a few years back.

So no, I've had some decent performances. Last year, I was right in the mix going into the last day, and just kind of crash and burned. But obviously the couple weeks before that were great. Obviously it's a big one, and we would like to do well.

CLARE BODEL: You've been the standard bearer, high-profile Scot for a long time now. We've had a few guys come through. Must be great for you to see the Scottish game in good shape.

RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. I sure hope one of these young guys turns out to be ten times the player I am. It would be great for Scotland. It's been great. I mean, it's been coming for a few years. The youngsters, it was obvious that there was going to be a next wave of great players, and it's obviously here now. It's great for Scottish golf, great for The European Tour, and hopefully this week, one of us will play well.

Q. How much did you enjoy last week, and how would you rate your performance?
RUSSELL KNOX: You're defending champion, it's slightly different because it's a different venue. I guess the two times I've defended on the same venue, it's been really strange. You kind of relive every shot you hit. So last week was kind of refreshing in the sense that I didn't have to relive https://asaptext.com/asap_media/index.phpthe good moments and the bad moments, too.

It was more like, okay, new course, get on with it. I played well last week. I think nearly is right, but at the same time, I know I didn't have my best stuff. So finishing where I did was probably a realistic result. I mean, yes, I could have sneaked in a few more putts, but also, I have to be true to myself. My game didn't feel like it was right there. It is what it is. Happy to make the weekend and finish about halfway, and see if we can kind of build on that.

Q. In terms of preparation for The Open, Paul McGinley said he wanted to try to get as close as possible to Portrush. Do you think it was a good preparation last week?
RUSSELL KNOX: I've never played Portrush, I wouldn't really know, but Lahinch was very linksy. I don't really know how other to put it than that. It was a great test. I enjoyed it. It was a fun course. Obviously the two blind holes were much talked about, which I thought were fun to play. But it was hard to get the ball in the fairway. The fairways were very crowned, so there was a lot of players -- well, everyone, hit nice drives down the middle, and end up in the rough.

That was just Lahinch, though. That's what you have to deal with there. I enjoyed being there. It was a great track and I would definitely go back.

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