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July 9, 2019

Ho Sung Choi

Silvis, Illinois

THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome Ho Sun Choi. He's playing on a sponsor exemption. If we could just get some opening comments about your week here this week.

HO SUNG CHOI: I'm so thankful to be playing here in my second PGA TOUR start, especially with a sponsor exemption. I can't thank the tournament enough and I can't wait to show my fun swing to everybody in the U.S.

THE MODERATOR: It's your second time in the U.S., following your first trip to Pebble Beach. What was your first impression of the city of Moline and this course?

HO SUNG CHOI: Yeah, the course is so beautiful. When I first played it, it was a little bit more windier than I expected, but I noticed if I missed the greens, it was really tough to get up-and-down, so that will be something that I'll be working on this week.

Q. What is your goal for this week? And speaking of your swing, what are your thoughts on Matthew Wolff's swing? He just won on Sunday.
HO SUNG CHOI: Yeah, I unfortunately missed the cut at Pebble Beach, so that's something I'll be working on this week. I just want to make the cut and see where it goes from there.

Matthew actually hit behind me on the range yesterday, and I got to meet him on the range, and I was most impressed with his rhythm. I thought his rhythm with the golf swing was just amazing, and he was so powerful with his swing and he could just send the ball so far. So I was very impressed, and I thought he had a beautiful swing.

Q. Have you ever been surprised at the notoriety that your swing has brought, and has anyone ever tried to change your swing?
HO SUNG CHOI: I personally love my swing. It's a swing that I've come up with on my own for a long time, and it's a swing that has worked for me, so I personally have no issues with my swing, and I plan to use it moving forward.

Q. Have you ever driven a John Deere tractor, and will you participate in the Big Dig?
HO SUNG CHOI: I haven't had the opportunity to drive one, but I saw a lot of it set up near the entryway, so I took a lot of pictures. I got to sit in the tractor, and it reminded me of something from the movie "Transformers." I thought it was so cool, and it was really interesting for me, so I took a lot of pictures. I was trying to drive it, but there were no keys available, so I just sat in the seat.

Q. What other PGA TOUR players have you interacted with, and what were the conversations like?
HO SUNG CHOI: I don't know a lot of the players on TOUR yet, but when I see them, I always try to wave to every player and make myself known and try to be friendly with them.

Q. Have they said anything to you or made comments about your swing?
HO SUNG CHOI: I don't actually know a lot of the names of the players, but a few have come up to me and said hi.

Q. Pebble Beach was a long time ago; are you a different player, playing better, about the same?
HO SUNG CHOI: I've practiced a lot since Pebble Beach, but I feel like with the game of golf, just like the seasons, it's always fluctuating and it's always different, and I personally feel like I play a lot better in the fall, but I've tried my best and I've practiced a lot since then, so I'm looking for good results.

Q. Have you been invited to play in other PGA TOUR events, and how did it come about that you came here to this one?
HO SUNG CHOI: My next tournament will be in Reno, my next PGA TOUR tournament, the Barracuda Championship, so I will be playing that. And for this opportunity I was able to receive a sponsor exemption, and I was very thankful to the tournament for that, and they were able to reach out to me. So it's been really great.

Q. So based on Pebble Beach, what do you think of the reaction that you were getting from fans about your swing?
HO SUNG CHOI: I couldn't really put into words all the support I received at Pebble Beach. It was my first experience in the U.S., and for fans to just swarm around me and to be at every hole, it's just been so overwhelming, and I'm just so incredibly thankful to all the fans that showed their love for me.

I was able to share a lot of my memories at Pebble back in Korea with a lot of my friends and media, so that was a really special moment for me to play in that.

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