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July 9, 2019

Robert MacIntyre

North Berwick, Scotland

CLARE BODEL: Here we are at the Renaissance Club. Welcome, Robert, to your first Scottish Open. How does it feel to be here after the season you've had?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: Certainly different this week, obviously, being on home soil. Again I'm just going to have to try and play my own game. Quite a bit of hype but I'll try and keep it as low key as I can. To be in the Scottish Open is a dream. I've watched scopes for years. So to be here now, competing, is very special.

CLARE BODEL: Just to add a little bit of spice to the opening day, the draw for the first round is just about to come out and you're going to be in the featured group along with Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler. Your thoughts on that?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: Yeah, well, got to be thrown in at the deep end at some point I suppose. Yeah, it's just about I'm going to learn from this. It's another spec in the learning experience for me. In my first year, I've had quite a few already and this is going to be another one. Again it's going to be another special week, I suppose, for me, and not just me, but my family back home, as well. They will be back home watching it. To be out with them in your first Scottish Open is pretty special.

CLARE BODEL: You've had a couple of second places but playing in front of your friends and family, does that add something extra to this week for you?

ROBERT MacINTYRE: It does. I'm sure the crowds are going to be unbelievable anyway. Home soil for the first time is going to be something different. Playing The Challenge Tour was good but the crowds were small. So to finally play a Scottish Open is something I'll never forget.

Q. Can you give an idea how long it takes to get here?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: It takes three hours to get here in the road is clear. If not, they will travel thousands of miles to watch this. It's something that everyone back home, they love to see guys doing well, and thankfully I'm one of them guys just now.

Q. First you said you're going to try to keep it low key, then you find out you're playing with Rory and Rickie. Is that something that will be a problem or something you'll relish and thrive on?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: No, it's never a problem. I suppose people are seeing I've been doing well, so it's like a, well done, here you are. So to get in the Scottish Open, who cares. I've already had that hype already. To get this draw, it does add to it a little bit but I'm trying to keep it as normal as possible. Obviously the nerves are going to be big on the first tee and the driving range, but I'm sure once we get going, we'll be all right.

Q. Have you been in communication or in contact with any Scottish player, and did you have any benefit from their experience?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: Been speaking to loads of Scottish guys, the likes of Stevie, it's something that if you ever need, you can ask him. I just find -- it's worked for the amateur game, the professional game. If I felt ever I need help, I'm sure these guys, Stevie, Paul, these guys will do that, no problem.

Q. This week and next week, biggest in your career. How do you keep yourself energized and not burnt out because there's so much going on?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: I just think it's what you've dreamed of as a little kid. So next week is going to be unbelievable, as well, but for me, the Scottish Open is the one I've always wanted to win. I have plenty of energy just now, so no problem with that.

Q. Going into next week -- are you going to try to have a practice round with Phil?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: No, I'm just going to do my own thing. Again, it's another golf tournament. I'm just going to go and play with the guys that I know, and I mean, if he wants to join me (laughter) I suppose I'd laugh at that, but I'm sure he'll do his own thing and I'll do my own. I'm sure if I come across him at some point, that would be quite nice.

Q. Would you have played the Renaissance course before, and if, so can you tell us about, and if not, what are you expecting?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: I played it about four or five times. Open Qualifying, stuff like that. Yesterday I was out there, played the front nine, it's completely different, and some of the back tees in play. It's going to be a great test. Hopefully the weather will hold back, but it's not looking too good just now.

It's in great condition. Just hope for a good week.

Q. It's described more as not a true links, but an American links; is that right?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: I'd say overall it's a true links. Again, if the wind blows, it's going to be as tough as anywhere. But only thing that really doesn't make it a true links is probably the trees on the 12th. But other than that, I'd say it's a true links with seaside and stuff like that.

Yesterday, it was firm. I'd say it's a links course, yeah.

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