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July 7, 2019

Yeahlimi Noh

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. How do you put the week into words, what you were able to do this week?
YEAHLIMI NOH: I'm just overall really happy with how I played and how I finished, too. It was my goal to be inside the top 10 for this week, and I'm really happy with how I finished.

That bogey was just -- it happens, but I'm really happy with who I got to play with and how I played.

Q. You really were thinking top 10 when you got here Sunday knowing you had to qualify just to make the field?
YEAHLIMI NOH: Every qualifier I play, even when I missed it, I'm like, If I made it I know I can play well. Just this week when I finally made one I just had a lot of confidence that I could play well.

Q. Played with the world No. 1; Amy Yang on the weekend. What do you think you learned from them on how they conduct themselves out here?
YEAHLIMI NOH: Yesterday playing with the No. 1 player in the world was a bit nerve wracking, just seeing how composed she was and really like expressionless. Just little things like skill-wise I was really impressed.

And then I had a really great time with Amy today. Talked a lot. It was all fun.

Q. Score aside, did the week exceed your expectations?
YEAHLIMI NOH: Yes, yes, it did. Just based on the course and stuff, I was happy with my number this week, yeah.

Q. See what Patty did today, too?
YEAHLIMI NOH: Yeah. Yes, I did. Before I went off I saw that.

Q. Feel bad for the UCLA team all of a sudden.
YEAHLIMI NOH: No, I think she's repping them well. Yeah.

Q. Did you feel like today you had a lot of support out there? Maybe people came in not knowing who you were and by the end of this tournament you probably had a good share of fans out there.
YEAHLIMI NOH: Yeah, for sure. I am really grateful for everyone that cheered me on. It was great today.

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