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July 7, 2019

Marina Alex

Oneida, Wisconsin

MARINA ALEX: I got off to a really nice start birdieing 1 and 2. I think that kind of gave me some good momentum just to get through the next stretch.

I didn't birdie the par-5, which was reachable. It was okay because I felt like the birdie on 1 was kind of a steal. It's kind of playing one of the harder holes on the course.

And I was just -- hit some good shots; made some really nice putts. I had a really awesome putt on 10. Kind of like a 20, 30-footer. I don't know exactly. I think that definitely just kind of kept the ball rolling in the right direction.

Then just really got kind of in the zone there and rattled off four birdies on the back nine. So it was good. It was nice to put everything together.

Q. All week you've been shooting low, aiming high. What does that do for your confidence?
MARINA ALEX: It's good. I think I really needed like a nice solid round. I just feel like the game has been close, but there has been a little bit missing in each round, whether it's putting, ball striking. When my putting is good ball striking doesn't seem to hold on.

So today to put more of a good round together -- I actually think tee to green I played my best on Friday. I really hit it nicely on Friday and had a ton of really good looks. Made some but didn't make all of them.

Today I felt like I made some really good putts, and that picked up a little bit for maybe not being as close to the hole. Overall it was just a really solid day.

Q. We talked at the beginning of the week with Solheim on the horizon. A good round like this can solidify a spot on that team.
MARINA ALEX: Maybe. I mean, there are still tournaments left to play. It'll helpful though for sure just to keep getting points and keeping the world ranking up and all that. It's important. I really knew that going into today I needed a good day.

My aim was to try and get into the top 10. I don't think it'll happen, but it'll still be a good finish and I'll definitely get some points for Solheim Cup, so it's nice.

Q. What does that do for you in the next couple tournaments? I know we talked about confidence. But also just for your mindset and having this...
MARINA ALEX: It's good. Yeah, I think sometimes having the pressure on may be better than having it off. If you're in a borderline place and you get a little too lax or lazy that doesn't really lead to good things.

The last few weeks everyone has been playing really well and it's kind of put the pressure on. I really have to focus. If this is something I want, then I need to go out there and get it done.

Q. You were able to spend a lot of quality time with Tiff Joh this week who is also having a career week.
MARINA ALEX: Yeah, I'm really excited for her. I hope she gets some birdies on the back nine and gets back in the mix and has a good finish. Either way it'll be great for her.

She's had a little bit of a struggle to start the year with her game. Her swing is awesome. Actually I was looking at a video she posted on Instagram earlier in the week. We were sitting in the house and I was like, Dude, your swing looks amazing right now.

She's put a lot of really good work in in the past couple years. I think that's now finally showing for her. I think this is the beginning of her playing a lot better.

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