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July 7, 2019

Ally McDonald

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Seems like you were playing like you had nothing to lose out there in that last round.
ALLY McDONALD: Yeah, I mean the scores being so low, and then yesterday I had it going and just kind of faltered a little towards the end of my round.

I started hitting ball better and rolling it a little bit better this week. Last two weeks weren't as good. But, yeah, feels good. Obviously that's my low round on tour, so exciting.

Q. Yeah, it is. You got a string of birdies on the front nine. What was going right for you, especially with three or four in a row there?
ALLY McDONALD: Well, I was hitting it -- I hit it close on a couple holes, but on the first hole I think I made somewhere around a 30-footer, and the 4th or 5th hole I made around a 30-footer. You can't just hit tap-ins around here and shoot good scores, so I made some pretty good putts.

Couple that I didn't think were going in and they actually went in.

Q. How much does that boost your confidence as we dwindle down towards the summer, towards Solheim Cup?
ALLY McDONALD: Yeah, feels good. I want to try to make the team on points. I think if I just try to keep playing good golf and everything is going to fall into place how it's going to fall into place.

What I try to do each week is take care of one shot at a time, one tournament at a time, and be where my feet are on a weekly basis and hopefully everything works out.

Q. Is it in the back of your mind at all when you're putting together your career best round like that?
ALLY McDONALD: I mean, yeah, but I know we've got some more really good tournaments to go, two majors coming up.

If you can start building up points, definitely doesn't hurt, that's for sure.

Q. As we're over halfway through the season, how do you think you've improved as a player and here on tour and even the last couple of months?
ALLY McDONALD: I think just comfortability. Seeing golf courses year after year, just feeling comfortable when you're shooting a low number.

I think there is just a lot to having a better mentality and not feeling kind of somewhat scared and like you have to tip toe around. Just finding a good place on tour and friends. Just all of it together. Just coming together and -- yeah, I just love it out here. I enjoy every week that I get a chance to compete.

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