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July 7, 2019

Patty Tavatanakit

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. A week ago on the Symetra Tour plans are to head to French Lick, Indiana tomorrow for another Symetra Tour event. Did you think you had something like this coming today?
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: I definitely see like some low rounds out here, but my putts weren't dropping the first three rounds. Kind of all did today, which kind of adds up for every single round out here in the past three days.

Yeah, it's pretty doable.

Q. What started going through your mind? Three eagles on the front nine.

Q. Only the third playing in LPGA history to do that. What started going through your mind then?
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: At the moment I was kind of in the zone, I guess that's the word. I knew I had a chance and that opportunity, and I was able to grab all three of them on the front nine.

Didn't really think about, Oh, let's make it like three eagles on the front nine. But definitely on the last one I was like, Okay, this will be my third eagle on the front nine.

That putt dropped and I think I had a pretty good play box today and what helped a lot.

Q. You had to be thinking 59. Did you know on the last shot you had the chance at 59.
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: I didn't really think about that.

Q. Really?
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: I let it go because I didn't want to pressure myself. If it happened to go in it will -- well, apparently I'm not meant to shoot 59 yet. Maybe next time.

Q. When did you know? After the second eagle? Third eagle? When was it that you realized you might be onto something really special today?
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: I didn't really think about that today. I was just focusing on my play box I guess and that helped a lot. The last three days my putts weren't dropping and I realized actually this morning, literally like ten minutes before my tee time, that when I putt I looked up.

I was just thinking too much about the results for the past three days. It's kind of like you knew you had to make a lot of putts out here to be in contention or even finish top 20.

I struggled a lot my first few rounds not making putts and I was getting frustrated. But then today something told me I had to let go, which I did, and I stuck to my routine and play box, which is not looking up. Basically try to listen to the ball go into the hole. Don't even like care about where the ball would go. Just where it ends up, go tap it in.

Q. Can you talk about the three eagles, how you made them on the front nine?
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: Well, the first one, it was all reachable for me and I had my -- I think I had 3-woods today. I hit a solid like high cut, which is not going to go anywhere.

I've been hitting a lot of high cuts into a lot of greens this week and it's been giving me good results, so I stuck to that and it came out pretty good.

I eventually made it, all three eagles, and on the last one, the third one, I was like, Okay, this will be my third eagle. If I make this I'll like be a little happy my front nine. It's like a 7-under. I missed my six-footer on 8, on the par-3. I was like, It's okay. I have the next hole, a par-5. I told myself this made up for it.

Q. Holed out on the par-4?
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: I did not. Oh, no, sorry. I hit it to three feet on, what was it, 6? 5?

Q. 6.
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: 6, the short par-4.

Q. So off the tee you hit it to...
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: Three feet and made the putt.

Q. You hit all 18 greens today; is that right?
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: I would assume so. I have no clue. I didn't do my stats.

Q. Caddie told me you did.
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: Yeah, I did. I've been hitting solid this week. Just the putts didn't drop the first two rounds. It did today, made it all up, so I'm pretty happy. Yeah.

Q. From the Symetra Tour to walking out of here with a course record, how does that feel?
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: I didn't think about that again. It feels nice. This is my fourth event as a professional, and seeing some good starts kind of gives me a bit more confidence about my game.

Obviously I have a lot to work on, especially about my mental game and just kind of being more patient out there. Like my first three rounds I was getting too frustrated for not making putts a lot. Today I decided to let go of the results and see what happened and it came out pretty good.

Q. When did you know it was a course record?
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: I didn't know. I mean, like anyone can shoot low out here so I didn't expect to do anything special. I mean, to the point where I guess the two birdies on 10 and 11 was kind of like, Okay, I'm having pretty good momentum today. I'll just keep it going.

My tee shots and approach shots really were shaky, but I managed to stick to it and finish my swing and hold onto my ball and kind of like sort of like manipulate my ball, talking to it in my mind. Like, Okay, stay on the green, when I miss-hit it.

Yeah, it was pretty good today.

Q. How tough was the decision to turn pro?
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: It wasn't that tough. I always had a feeling, but then back in like Q Series I didn't commit to this career yet. It was probably the worst timing to go and play Q Series for me. It was in the fall and I was having fun with college and I was playing well. I thought I could dominate and I thought I could have fun for like the next three years.

But then I realized that that was just a waste of time. I want to be out here and I want to learn how to be a pro on the Symetra Tour, not learn how to be a pro when I get my tour card on the LPGA.

I want to be able to play and to compete and to be in contention when I'm out here. I'm not like out here to learn how to be a pro. I'm doing that on the Symetra Tour right now.

Q. Your previous three starts as a pro were all on?
PATTY TAVATANAKIT: No, my debut was at U.S. Open and then I played Harris, Michigan. That was my first Symetra Tour ever.

Last week in Cincinnati, that was my second, and then I'm going to my third next week.

Q. French Lick?

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