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July 7, 2019

Martin Kaymer

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. Nice birdie to finish, nice round of golf to end out the week. How satisfied with your day's work?
MARTIN KAYMER: I was very satisfied, especially the way I started. To have that kick start, starting off with two birdies really helped; the belief that I could still make it. It was a big week for me in many ways, not only a big tournament, but I had my goal on Thursday morning, and that 5-under today was pretty much as good as I could do. You know, I gave myself chances. I didn't play too aggressive in the end because I wanted to give myself chances, not take myself out of the tournament. I think it was a solid day.

Q. Not confirmed yet in terms of The Open space but looking good right now. Do you think it's going to be enough?
MARTIN KAYMER: I don't think so because the wind dropped a lot now, so the last few holes, they are not that difficult anymore. The way they played in the morning, when we played them, they were not difficult, and the golf course doesn't play more difficult in the afternoon. So I believe it's probably one shot too many this week.

Q. How proud are you of the way you stuck to the plan and performed like you have?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, I'm very happy the way I play golf at the moment. I have that streak going at the moment; that I played three good rounds and one round that doesn't give me the chance anymore to win the golf tournament, and that's okay. I need to accept that. You can't push too much in golf but you need to also give yourself credit for the good rounds that you play and not focus on that one round that didn't give you the chance to win the tournament.

So I'm very positive going forward. I have been the last four or five weeks, and I think the results of my last two or three events that I played, they just confirmed that.

Q. Fantastic birdie at the last for a 65. Were you thinking about The Open coming down the stretch today?
MARTIN KAYMER: I was thinking about the Open the last four or five weeks I played. It was a big goal of mine to play again since 2008. I've been always part of The Open. That's the tournament I really would like to win in my career one day, and that's why I was focusing a lot on the tournament round, saving energy in the practice rounds and putting everything I have into those four rounds I had this week.

Q. So grinding it out, trying to get in The Open, how much was that on your mind? What added pressure did it add to today's round and possibly next week if you don't get in this week?
MARTIN KAYMER: I was still fairly calm. The pressure, you only create by yourself. I thought, if I try to play my game and try to wait for my chances, it will happen. If it doesn't happen, then it's not meant to be. I was trying hard to stay calm and I did that. So I didn't really feel pressure. I was just enjoying the opportunity, the challenge that I had this week to secure a spot. Hopefully it's enough. Right now it doesn't look like it. I need a bit of luck I think but you never know.

Q. And you're going to play next week if you don't get in, either way, but between today and next week, you have a fun little trip planned to London?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, Rolex invited me to come to their unit in Wimbledon. It's always one of those things you would like to be part of, because I get really inspired. Tomorrow I can watch Nadal and Federer, and it's very inspiring the way they play tennis. You can learn a lot how you want to play golf. There's so much commitment. There's no holding back, so much belief in their skill, and that is something I really enjoy, so I would like to use the opportunity and have a bit of room in between the events, think about something else, and then start again on Thursday.

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