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July 7, 2019

Bernd Wiesberger

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. Thoughts on the day?
BERND WIESBERGER: Yeah, I had a lot of time to reflect and working some things on my game, a lot on the mental state I want to be out on the golf course and it's a lot better. It's just nice to see it pay off every now and then, and getting to play a couple rounds in the 60s, seeing myself on the leaderboard again, it's very nice. We've done a lot of good things out there this week and hopefully we can get do well next week in Scotland and then in Ireland.

Q. Fantastic final round. You must be happy with that performance.
BERND WIESBERGER: Yeah, good score. Again, I've had a couple of hiccups in the first couple holes and started out slow. But definitely getting good shots into 5, 6, 7 helped, not really setting the nerves but getting the motor started and then I played really good golf, except for the last two tee shots, which I got a way with. You know, golfing gods maybe were looking down for me a little bit there and took advantage of it.

You know, it was a good round. Left a few out there throughout the middle of the round, 9, 10, 11, 12, hurt a little bit but still was a very good week for us.

Q. You've been working a lot on the mental game. How important was that today?
BERND WIESBERGER: Well, I would say on my approach on everything, on my practise and the mental state I put myself in in practise, and to pull it off out there with scorecard in hand, that helps. It's still building. It's a process. I'm really getting along nicely and obviously my performances are improving a little bit every now and then, as well, so it's good to see some progress there.

Q. Recently coming back from injury, how much does it mean to you to be back and especially in contention?
BERND WIESBERGER: Yeah, it's been well for a lot of months. It's not an issue anymore for me. You know, it's a talking point at this point because most of last year I've missed.

But to me, I'm not thinking about it anymore. I'm getting on with it and trying to make the most of my golf that I have ahead of me. Very thankful that a lot of people have been supportive and you know, at the end of the day, you're trying to get competing with all these lads again and thankfully we were up there this week.

Q. Talking about what lies ahead, you've now qualified for The Open, what does that mean to you?
BERND WIESBERGER: Yeah, that was the goal. It was lovely to get a sniff at it again at Pebble Beach for the qualifier, and it's great to be in position to play with all these guys in the biggest events, and there's no bigger than The Open Championship and the majors.

Yeah, I was really relaxed all week and enjoyed my time out there and took advantage of my good shots and really happy to be going to Portrush.

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