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July 6, 2019

Shanshan Feng

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. 7-under round. You're sitting at 20-under for the tournament. Bounced back after the first with three birdies in a row on the third through the fifth. What worked for you there?
SHANSHAN FENG: The first hole I didn't even play badly. Hit the second shot on the green and the green was just a little bit slower than what I was expected, so I just three-putted, with really good strokes.

After that, I mean, my confidence was still high, and then especially after I made the first birdie on the third hole and I just kept it going after that.

Playing with Tiff Joh, I mean, of course you're going to really have a fun day. I felt really good on the course playing with her. We both played really well, so that was good.

Q. What's the funnest part of playing with Tiff Joh?
SHANSHAN FENG: You know, her personality. Like she's one the maybe happiest person on the tour, I would say.

Playing with her, you never see her down. She's always like energy, up, and cheering for you when you play well. I love playing with her.

Q. You've played really well on the 13th. You've eagled that hole twice this week. What are you seeing on the 13th that's leading to so much success?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I have two eagles and one bogey. (Laughter.) I think so far I think first day was little lucky because I hit it in from like 40 yards away. Today was a great eagle because we had the tee up and I had my 3-hybrid into the green and hit it to probably 15 feet and made the putt after Tiff Joh chipped in from off the green.

So I think that -- I mean, sorry, I think that hole is just shorter par-5 that allows a lot of people to have eagle chances.

Q. This is the first time you've played this course. What's the biggest lesson you've learned heading into the final round in contention so far?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yes, it is my first time here, but I looked up the scores last year and the winning score was 31-under. I think coming into this week I think everybody was aiming for 30-under, at least that's what I was thinking about.

I would say if I go for 30-under, then, you know, if I still don't win, then I still had a great tournament.

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