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July 6, 2019

Alison Lee

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. (In progress.) You had matched your tournament low score.

Q. 16-under. What's gotten into you this week?
ALISON LEE: I honestly didn't know that statistic. Yeah, I mean, I've been hitting it well, and I think this week this is the type of course where you just need to attack pins and play really aggressively. This kind of golf course can be a big confidence booster or the complete opposite.

I feel like I've taken advantage of and been attacking pins and playing well and making a lot of putts. I feel like the key thing for me this week was making a lot of putts because that's what hasn't working for me in the past.

So, yeah, feel like I've just been a lot more confident around the greens, especially this week. I've been struggling a lot with my putter this past entire year, so felt nice to roll in and make birdies and shoot a low score.

Q. What's it like when you're working on your putter over and over and over and it finally starts rolling in?
ALISON LEE: It's been tough. You know, I been using my putter for about 13 years and actually sort of decided to switch putters the last few weeks just to try something different. Went back to my old putter this week and just kind of started fresh again, so that was kind of nice.

Putting has always been my strength, and struggling with that the last year has been really difficult. Just feels nice to be able to look over a putt and watch it go in the hole.

Q. What model did you switch from?
ALISON LEE: What was that?

Q. Like what putter model?
ALISON LEE: Oh, so I use currently a Nike putter. Been using it since I was like 11. Switched to a PXG putter. Just tried a couple different things.

Yeah, I think it was largely a mental things in terms of putting. But, yeah, I just needed to be confident over the ball and not be afraid.

Q. What do you tell yourself to get to that point?
ALISON LEE: It's been nice because I felt really comfortable this week. Jeff is caddying for me. I've been struggling looking for caddies this year, and Jeff is normally on the bag for Bronte. So Bronte and are really, really close friends and she was kind enough to lend me Jeff. Jeff is awesome. He's just been keeping me really comfortable out there and, I think that was key.

Q. What's the best way he's kept you comfortable out there?
ALISON LEE: You know, just chitchatting, talking about stuff, keeping my mind off golf, you know, in between shots so I'm not overthinking anything and just having fun out there and enjoying my round and enjoying being here.

Q. I know the last few years have been kind of up and down for you having to go back to Q series.
ALISON LEE: Yeah, uh-huh.

Q. But it would be your first top 10 if you held since 2016. What would that mean to you?
ALISON LEE: It would mean a lot. You know, golf has definitely been difficult the last couple years, especially after graduating from a college. It's been hard balancing everything.

I feel like my whole life changed after school. I was no longer busy with glasses, I moved to Vegas, I have a different caddie, just stuff like that.

So I felt like it was really hard to kind of adjust to everything. Just to play in the afternoon on a Saturday, I mean, even just to be here playing in the afternoon on a Saturday, it felt nice to feel that again. You know, seeing my name on the leaderboard, it's a good feeling and I definitely miss that, yeah.

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