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July 6, 2019

Jing Yan

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. 63 today. At what point in the round did you realize today could be a career round for you?
JING YAN: I think pretty early on when I made a birdie on No. 2 and then again I think on No. 6 and 5. Like just starting to get the ball rolling. That was good, because I wasn't able to do this the first two days.

Yeah, so coming into No. 9 and with 13, reachable par-5s. So I knew that if I got some birdies on the par 4s and 3s and the birdies on the par-5s would add up to a good score.

Q. What's it like when the putter is not rolling in for you and it finally starts going in?
JING YAN: Feels so good. I feel like it hasn't been rolling in for most of the year, so I'm a bit over the moon that it's actually going in.

Yeah, today a little bit better than yesterday. Worked on some stuff afterwards that helped a lot.

Q. What did you work on?
JING YAN: Just trying to keep my stroke a little bit more steady. I tend to move my head a little bit when I'm putting. So that helped a lot.

Q. When you have a career low round like today, how do you stay in the round when you realize so early that today could be my day?
JING YAN: Just try to enjoy it really. It's not every day you get to shoot a really low round. That's what's fun about this course. You really get to see some good numbers and birdies, which is always good for the mood.

Q. You gave yourself plenty of chances. You hit every green in regulation today. What kept you so steady?
JING YAN: Just trying to stay with my swing thought. Nothing too complicated. Just having some trust in my swing.

I been swinging it pretty good the last week, so I knew... (indiscernible)

Q. What's the swing thought?
JING YAN: Just trying to keep it more on plane. I get a little steep, so just trying to get it square and just let my ball do the rest.

Q. I was taking a look at what the year has been like especially since the U.S. Women's Open. How much does this boost your confidence after a couple missed cuts but starting the year off incredibly well?
JING YAN: Yeah, you know, I felt like in the middle I sort of couldn't get it on the green, especially after the U.S. Open. ShopRite I was just hitting it everywhere so my confidence kind of took a hit.

But then just working on some stuff with my coach and just my dad keeping an eye on it. It's been getting better, especially since last week. I hit quite a lot of, greens which is good. Coming into this week it's really nice to be able to just like stop it near the pin.

So, yeah, it's good to see some good shots.

Q. What's it been doing for your mental game now that you've had a round like this? How do you tell yourself to continue driving on?
JING YAN: I think just continuously just like not doubting yourself even though you're not playing well. Just when you're playing well, just keep that confidence up. Yeah, working hard on it when it's not going well.

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