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July 6, 2019

Anne Van Dam

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. So that was a whole lot of the birdies.

Q. What got into you today? Looked to be feeling good.
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, I played really well yesterday actually. I don't know how many birdies I got yesterday. I think also seven or something. Just had a few too many mistakes to good a good score.

Today I try give myself chances but to eliminate kind of the bogeys. But I got in a nice flow. Wasn't really thinking too much. Rolled some good putts.

Q. Guessing the preferred lies helped a little bit out there as well.
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, because I hit it so high it was quite a lot of mud on the ball, so it was nice to have some good lies and get some dry spots on the fairway, yeah.

Q. Was it raining when you started?
ANNE VAN DAM: No. Maybe the 1st hole still a little bit, but I think I was quite lucky.

Q. You were. The morning looked pretty gross.
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah. Because normally I start warming up like 50 minutes before my tee times. Now just I sit in the car and like 20 minutes before my tee time just went and hit a few balls and just went out.

Yeah, fun story for today.

Q. Think that maybe kind of helped?
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, for sure. Yeah.

Q. Tell me about the birdies. You hitting it in close? Was it a little bit all around?
ANNE VAN DAM: I think I had one long putt I holed on 10 and the rest was all pretty short, par-5s, few 2-putt for par -- for birdie, sorry.

So, yeah, I was striking it a lot closer than the last two days, so that was nice.

Q. How does that help your confidence going into the last round? You've had a lot of good starts to tournaments, but still looking for that finish.
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah. Already the first two days like I feel like I'm a bit too far behind already to do some damage tomorrow, but I just made too many bogeys the first two days.

But I'm just going to try to do the same thing. Just play relaxed. The conditions are soft, so I think today I finally got kind of the good idea of how much do they spin, with short irons do I take one more and hit it kind of half to take the spin off.

So, yeah, just try to do the same tomorrow.

Q. About halfway through your rookie year now. How are you feeling as you get settled in?
ANNE VAN DAM: Right now I'm a bit tired because it's my seventh week in a row and I'm playing next week as well.

But I've been enjoying it for sure. I expected maybe a little bit more of myself in terms of finishes and stuff, so that's been a bit hard. I feel like my game, like rounds like today, it's so close, but doesn't come easy out here.

So I think I learned to appreciate that and learned to kind of accept the challenge. You have to play good golf. Even on these golf course where the scores are low you still have to hit really good shots to make birdies.

So I'm just excited to have hopefully a good round tomorrow, play next week, go home, see my family, and have a good stretch in Europe.

Q. So home until the European stretch?
ANNE VAN DAM: For sure, yeah.

Q. Okay.
ANNE VAN DAM: Although it starts to feel a lot more like home here, I'm excited to go home for real and go back to Europe.

Q. Because it is back being at home.
ANNE VAN DAM: For sure, yeah. So easy for family and friends to fly out to those events than to come all the way here.

Q. Speaking of Europe, we're getting closer to Solheim Cup. I think it's pretty safe to say you're going to be on the European team.
ANNE VAN DAM: I don't want to --

Q. Not done yet. Not done yet. But what would that mean to you to have that opportunity?
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, I mean, I played Junior Solheim Cup in 2015. Yeah, '15, I think. Watching a real Solheim Cup up close and some of the girls that are still playing now, to have chance to probably be in the team with them, it's going to be huge. It's been a big goal of mine when I was still an amateur to make the real team.

But, yeah, same thing. I'm just real realistic. So many good players. I'm very proud of myself that I won three times in that time span of getting the points for the European team.

Yeah, I still have I think two events in Europe, Evian and British, that both count. I just want to do as well as I can there and hopefully have at least one good finish those two majors.

Yeah, would mean a lot for sure.

Q. Changing gears, tomorrow is a big football game, U.S. versus Netherlands. Who you cheering for?
ANNE VAN DAM: Easy questions. Easiest of all the questions. Yeah, no, for sure Holland. They're doing really good. It's fun to see. Our guys are always so good and the leagues are so high that it's good to see the female doing so well.

Yeah, same as golf. It's not a popular sport to do for females, so I know for a lot of those girls it's not easy to probably say you're a professional soccer player and make your living out of that.

Yeah, it's good to see them do well. Always good to see female sports do good.

Q. You play your way up the leaderboard, the game is at 10:00 tomorrow morning. Might get to see a good chunk.
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, yeah, hopefully. Hopefully everyone doesn't play too well. Yeah, we'll see.

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