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July 6, 2019

Nicole Broch Larsen

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. You ever had seven birdies in a row before?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that's the most I've had. I mean, I don't know. I had good numbers, I hit them close, and then whatever I did with that putter they just dropped.

Yeah, pretty nice.

Q. Were they all in pretty close?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, I think the longest I made was maybe five meters, so whatever that is, like 15 feet. So yeah, but I hit them really well. I read the putts really well.

Feel like I did the same on the back nine. Like I didn't hilt it as good, but I hit my putts good. They just didn't drop and they did on those seven holes.

Q. Eagle on 13?

Q. Tell me about that.
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Chipped in. Hit a really good drive and then I hit a 4-iron. Didn't hit it that well; hit it short right but it stayed out of the bunker. Then I hit a really good chip. As soon as hit it I knew it was really good.

The guys that were watching they were like, You know what was in pretty quick because I took my hand off. Yeah, that was really nice to get that one in.

Q. Is this perhaps the best you're feeling you're playing right now? You were locked in today and you've been playing well all week.
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, first round I played really well, too. I just didn't get the par-5s done really.

But, yeah, I don't know. After KPMG I looked myself in the mirror and told myself that I want to be like a better Nicole every day. I kind of struggled for a while being myself on the course. I feel like last week and these three days I've done really well on that. I've been myself, had fun, and chatted it people instead of lock myself down.

So, yeah, I'm really enjoying this. Yeah, be fun tomorrow.

Q. So it's not just on the golf course but it's off?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, it's off the course, too. Like, I don't know. I just probably put too much pressure on myself. I get stressed out because I don't get the result that I want. When you do that they happen to not come.

So, no, yeah, I'm just trying to relax and try to enjoy it out here. I love it on the LPGA. I have really good friends. So, yeah, just trying to enjoy myself more.

Q. I know this week you've got a special friend outside the ropes as well. Tell me about her.
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, little Quinn. Really random, I signed a flag for her and her sister two years ago. I posted a picture on my Instagram. She showed up last year sitting on the first tee waiting for me when I was playing the pro-am with this picture and the flag again.

Then she came out -- I was not playing my best last year, so in the final round I took her inside the ropes, walked the last four holes with me. I've kept in contact with her grandmother. Yeah, I chatted to her again this year. She was out watching the first nine the first round, and I'm sure she'll be out tomorrow again.

Q. That's got to be fun. This isn't home, but you find pockets everywhere we go.
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, definitely. I'm staying with same host family here for three years, and they are -- I mean, I will probably call them my step-parents. They take care of me like I'm their daughter.

So, I mean, this is definitely a good place to come back to. Last week I got really lucky with my housing as well. Took really good care of me and I had so much fun.

Yeah, it always matters to how you play on the golf course for sure.

Q. What are the names of people you're saying with?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Tim and Lorie Cisle. They hosted even a barbecue on the Monday night. They asked me to find 50, 60 caddies and players to come.

No, I mean, they really enjoy having this event here. Yeah, I've stayed with them for three years and it's really nice.

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