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July 6, 2019

Karine Icher

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. First off, outstanding round out there. You have round out there. Of that a some of how are feeling coming off the course?
KARINE ICHER: Yeah, it was a good round. You know when you make the putts and you have opportunity like more often, it's more fun. The beginning was like a little bit hard with the rain, but then it stop when we were on No.4 or 5.

So was all right. Just one of the good rounds. You know, you have these during the year. You have good ones and you have bad ones.

Q. I was going to say, this is definitely one of your lowest rounds probably of the season here. What is it about this course that has brought out your game like this on moving day?
KARINE ICHER: It's a little bit shorter than the other courses. The green are really reactive, so you really go for the pin and the ball stop. Makes a little bit easier that way. That way you see like a lot of minus 8, 9, 10; today you're going to see maybe 11 or 12 because the ball stop.

When it's dry and the ball goes, I mean, it's a completely different story. We can be a little bit more aggressive.

Q. Are the kids here this weekend?

Q. Is it just you or...
KARINE ICHER: No, no, no. The two kids and my husband. Yeah, the whole crew.

Q. One of the first times they've been to Green Bay?
KARINE ICHER: For the baby, yes. But my oldest, she was there in 2017, the first year we play here. Yeah, it's fun. They stay at the Radisson, so they try to go to the pool and do things around.

So, yeah.

Q. This is a tournament where shooting low on a day like this could really propel you towards the top. What does it do for your confidence going into tomorrow?
KARINE ICHER: Of course you gain confidence. When you make more putts and you play well you gain confidence. We'll see tomorrow.

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