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July 6, 2019

Robin Dawson

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. 6-under par today, 64. Tell us how you did it.
ROBIN DAWSON: It was a nice round of golf it was lovely and calm there the first 12 holes and then rain started coming down, so took advantage of the first 12 holes are so. Just played pretty solid all day, just getting nice numbers and giving myself a lot of chances for birdie.

Q. Coming into the week, what were your expectations?
ROBIN DAWSON: I didn't really have any to be honest. I kind of got a call on Monday to say I was in the field, last minute invite, so I was lucky, so I kind of just rushed here, had a quick practice round.

Q. Safe to say you would have taken this position after 54 holes?
ROBIN DAWSON: Yeah, absolutely will, of course, You'd take this position any week, whatever tournament it is. It's always nice to be in contention.

Q. In terms of tomorrow, you're very much in the mix for this event, clearly, but obviously Open qualification must be on your mind, as well.
ROBIN DAWSON: Yeah, I suppose it's going to be in there somewhere in the back of my mind, but if I play well, all looks after itself.

Q. How long was the putt on 18?
ROBIN DAWSON: Seven feet.

Q. You made a 15-foot putt to make the cut. It's an amazing feeling to have done what you've done today. What's the first thing going through your mind right now after your round?
ROBIN DAWSON: I suppose I'm just really happy where my game's at. I've been working hard on my game the last few months and it's nice to see results pay off.

Q. When you come into this, early tee time in the third round, Rolex event, Irish Open, $7 million, do you think about possibilities when you go out and then shoot 64?
ROBIN DAWSON: Not really, when I'm on the course, I'm kind of in my own little world, but yeah, you do think about it, of course you do. But when I'm on the course, no, I just have good fun with my caddie, Peter O'Keith, so keep on doing that.

Q. Tidy front nine, going out in 32. What were you feeling at that stage?
ROBIN DAWSON: Just taking it one shot at a time. I thought the pins were a little tough, and when I actually got out there, to be honest, the rain has actually helped the course a lot to soften it up and I would say there will be a few good birdies because there is chances coming in.

Q. Nine months into your professional career. There's obviously been reversals over the last nine months since you've turned pro; did you use those to keep yourself in the right place head-wise?
ROBIN DAWSON: No, it's nice to be playing here at Lahinch. I know the golf course, so there's comfort in that, as well. But yeah, of course there is, professional golf, there is going to be up-and-downs and I'll be prepared for that and take whatever comes on the chin.

Q. When you made the 15-foot putt to make the cut, were you aware? You weren't sweating on 1-under; you must have known you'd made it?
ROBIN DAWSON: I'd be lying to tell you I was only trying to 2-putt it from 15 feet and not actually hole the thing. So I'm actually lucky to be even here, yeah.

Q. That was because you thought the cut was going to be level par, and it was 1-under, and you made it would no room to spare?
ROBIN DAWSON: It went to 1-over, so I actually thought I had a couple of shots to spare, and a couple lads made a few birdies coming in which kind of changed.

Q. Because of that season as an amateur, you got into the world's Top-10, No. 6 was your highest world ranking , and you were runner-up in the European Amateur and Amateur Championship final. Is this what you expect of yourself now, at this relatively early point in your pro career, but you've learned a lot since then?
ROBIN DAWSON: Yeah, of course I have high expectations of myself. I might have gotten off to a bit of a slow start in my pro career, but this has given me a lot of confidence this week playing on the main tour. I'm really enjoying it and crowds are great, as well.

Q. Tomorrow, late tee time and a big event on the European Tour. What does that do for your in terms of your confidence for your career?
ROBIN DAWSON: I'm going to enjoy the lie-in first. It was an early start this morning. I think it was like 5.00 alarm, so I'll look forward to a lie-in in the morning.

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