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July 6, 2019

Cormac Sharvin

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. 66, the reaction and atmosphere seemed special. How was it for you?
CORMAC SHARVIN: It's just crazy. The spectators out there, I hit the chip on 18 and said to my caddie, the hairs are standing on the back of my neck here. It was nice to putt on a bit of a show here today.

Q. We talked this week about the opportunity and what it meant for you to be here, but honestly, how does it feel to be playing in front of the big crowds and a spot at The Open Championship, as well?
CORMAC SHARVIN: Yeah, I felt really comfortable. Early doors I was quite nervous but after two or three holes, I settled into a good round and hit a fair enough tee shot down 2 and didn't miss a shot after that. I seemed to settle down pretty early and I played really nicely out there.

Q. I understand you've been doing a bit of work in putting yourself under pressure in practice rounds to get yourself used to big experiences like this.
CORMAC SHARVIN: Yeah, a lot of my practice is based on the golf course and putting myself under pretty severe pressure what I'm playing in the hope that I can deal with it when it comes to tournament rounds.

Q. How are you approaching tomorrow's final round now?
CORMAC SHARVIN: I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and taking it one shot at a time. I mean, who knows, in golf, anything can happen, so I'm just going to stick to my process and what I've been doing and just take one shot at a time.

Q. You seem a very calm, relaxed young man with a good demeanor. How hard have you worked on the mental side of things?
CORMAC SHARVIN: To be honest very hard. It's something that's always been highlighted, because I've been a good striker of the golf ball but something I thought I needed to improve a lot. I've been working quite hard trying to improve my attitude on the golf course and off it.

Q. A 66, you must be pleased?
CORMAC SHARVIN: Yeah, I'm delighted. Good day. The crowds were amazing and I fed off them pretty well. Nice to put a good round together.

Q. How nice to be at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open and be up there in contention?
CORMAC SHARVIN: I'm so thankful, firstly, for Team Ireland for the invite and Colm McLoughlin, as well. Home crowds, they are cheering every shot. It feels amazing.

Q. Top three qualify for The Open, is that in your mind at all?
CORMAC SHARVIN: I'm sure it will creep in every now and again but I'm trying really hard to stick to my process and take it one shot at a time.

Q. Mentioned earlier there was a bit of nerves at the beginning of the round. How did you keep your composure?
CORMAC SHARVIN: I think it happens, everyone gets nervous at the start. Just be patient I guess and settle down and settle into my round and I've done that pretty well I feel.

Q. How satisfied are you not just with the 18 holes but the 54 holes so far?
CORMAC SHARVIN: Nice to post three solid rounds in such a big tournament. I'm delighted that I could do that in the first three rounds.

Q. In terms of where it's left you now, fantastic position, you find yourself into going into this final round?
CORMAC SHARVIN: Yeah, I'm sure the leaders will probably make a few birdies on the way in because there's a couple of chances on the way in, but I feel like I'm in good position going into tomorrow and looking forward to it.

Q. People may not know that last year, you missed out on a European Tour card in fairly heartbreaking circumstances. Did that set you back and how did you get over it?
CORMAC SHARVIN: To be honest I just put it behind me and I kind of said after Q-School that I'm going to try and not have to come back here, and hopefully that's the case come the end of the year.

Q. In terms of tomorrow, playing for big stakes, not just in this tournament but possible qualification for Portrush?
CORMAC SHARVIN: I think there's big stakes every time you take it up, especially my position, playing on The Challenge Tour and I'm having to go to strange places every week. Every tournament's an opportunity for me, and I'm trying to take my opportunities as much as I can.

Q. How was it out there today?
CORMAC SHARVIN: Tough at the start but got a little bit easier as the rain stopped and I feel like I played really nicely.

Q. Got it going on the back nine?
CORMAC SHARVIN: Yeah, I got off to a nice start. Made a lovely birdie on 12 and hit a lovely drive middle of the green on 13 and managed to two-putt that and hit it really close on 14, as well. Got off to a nice little run towards the middle of my back nine. Unfortunate to drop a shot on 17. Hit a nice second shot but these things happen. Nice to bounce back with a up-and-down on the last.

Q. Fans, brilliant on 18?
CORMAC SHARVIN: Yeah, I said to my caddie, such a difficult chip shot, I said to him, "The hairs are standing on the back of my neck here." It was an unbelievable moment.

Q. How much are you enjoying this experience?
CORMAC SHARVIN: Nice to play with some of the best players in the world. It's what I want to do and hopefully I can be there in the near future.

Q. How do you feel going into the final round with a lot on the line?
CORMAC SHARVIN: I'm playing well so just going to keep doing what I'm doing and stick to my process and take it one shot at a time and see where that takes me.

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