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July 6, 2019

Andy Sullivan

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. 66 give us your verdict?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Delighted with it. Wasn't my finest ball-striking performance. Battled hard out there today and just managed to get a number. First two days come really easy. Ball-striking wise, had a lot of chances, didn't quite take as many as I'd like. Bit of work on the range to do this afternoon but in a good spot and hopefully continue the ball-striking for tomorrow and get up there.

Q. Robert Rock set a target early. Did you change your tactics to get more aggressive or stick to the plan?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, there wasn't much wind out there so you felt like could you get at a few. I tried to take on probably a bit more than I would have done. It was out there today, you could see it. There wasn't much wind out there, apart from the first sort of six holes. Fair play to him, 60.

Did he have a putt for 59? Bottled it -- no, I'm joking. That's awesome. Hopefully weather stays similar and we can have a joust tomorrow.

Q. Bunker shot on 15, describe the technique you used there?
ANDY SULLIVAN: It wasn't lying flat, so ideally if it was sitting better, try to put spin on it. Thought the only way try to stop it is to kill it in the bank. Put it back in the stance a bit, come out perfect and as soon as it hit the bank, I thought it's going to be within six feet. To go in was awesome, especially when my man said it's good, ten feet, goes in. Capped the day off really for me.

Q. How much are you looking forward to the chance tomorrow to win a marquis tournament on the European Tour?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Can't wait. It's been a while. Really enjoying myself again. Golf is my friend again at the moment. Really enjoying and playing with a smile on my face. Can't wait to get out there and see what happens. Be nice to have a chance coming down the stretch.

Q. Seven birdies, 66. You must be delighted.
ANDY SULLIVAN: I started well to be honest. Holed a lot of good putts and a lot of good up-and-downs. I was really happy with the score in the end.

Q. Strong year so far. Do you feel the tweaks you've made are paying off?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Definitely, the biggest one was change the ball back to the Red Pro V, have more control out of it. Definitely feels like it's edging back to where I want it to be and it's nice to be at the top end of the leaderboard coming into these events.

Q. Having seen the leaderboard during your round, did that change your game plan at all?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I think it did. I think there's a score out there from the start, you know what I mean. There was no wind and I knew if we get through them first six pretty unscathed, you've always chances coming in. I felt like you could always go low out there. I think there's a few boys hitting it really close, so there's a score out there. To be honest, I would rather see it coming down blowing, that's more my type of game, grind it out. I'll be doing a rain dance tonight in my room.

Q. You literally had a great time out there, big smile on your face and enjoying it. How much of a buzz did the crowds give you?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Crowds are unbelievable. Playing with Lee Westwood, as well. Watched him as a kid and idolised him for such a long time. The crowd was great. The comments they come out with are great. It's brilliant. No better place to play golf.

Q. Having already qualified for Portrush, do you feel like the pressure is off and you can focus on this week?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, regardless, really, going out and enjoying it. It's just one of them weeks where you can't not enjoy it. The crowds are so good and the golf course is absolutely fantastic. Just a week that you've got to embrace, really.

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