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July 6, 2019

Eddie Pepperell

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. You made 11 pars in a row while Robert Rock was shooting 60 and posting 13-under. What were you thinking?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I was thinking I was going to ask Wallsy to sack Rob and give me all the money next year. I was quite angry. It was a tough day because I had to be really patient and today was the best day I've swung the club this week. It was quite frustrating actually the first nine, ten, 11 holes.

Q. You called this a proper golf course yesterday, meaning it's no pushover. Give us a player's perspective of that 60.
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Impressive. Because the pins were not gettable. Like the first six holes in particular, I found it very difficult to get the ball close to the hole.

So I did watch some highlights of him walking to the fifth tee and looked like he was on some significant yardage. Maybe that was the secret.

Q. You were five behind with seven holes to play. Andy Sullivan was in a similar position and admitted he tried to get more aggressive to try to make up ground. Did you?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I don't think so. I hit some good swings coming in, particularly with my short irons, hit some good drivers and really good short irons. I felt pretty aggressive all day. I felt comfortable all day. It just wasn't coming my way to begin with. Nothing really changed. Just golf, isn't it, as we all know.

Q. Give us your thoughts on tomorrow?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: It's a great spot. Good thing with today is that I've dealt with being in the last group on Saturday, whereas the guys around me haven't. No matter how many times you're up there, the more time you can spend final group, especially in recent history, i.e., today, for tomorrow, I think will stand my in good stead. I feel comfortable. I feel good. I don't see why I can't go out there and shoot 6-under tomorrow or something and make me hard to beat. No reason why someone can't shoot 60 again.

Q. Rough 11 holes to start with, all pars. Did you get frustrated before you turned it on in the end?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I did get frustrated. I was feeling like Nick Faldo. I found something, which was good. Felt like the best I struck the ball all week and couldn't get the ball to the hole. Seemed every good iron shot I hit went long and every putt I hit went short. One of those days to begin with, but came to me in the end, which is nice.

Q. You've had success here at The Irish Open before finishing second. Had some good finishes this year. What are you looking for tomorrow? Any type of game plan?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I'm rooking forward to tomorrow because I felt like today I played better. It's a nice progression and I took it out on the course, which is nice. That's a swing feel I haven't played with before here.

So to have taken it out and seen some of the shots I hit, with the short irons, in particular, they were a lot better. I'm quite looking for tomorrow, and indeed beyond tomorrow. Body feels good, driving the ball well and no reason why I can't go out there and shoot a low one.

Q. Solid round, great finish. How are you feeling?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Good, I suppose. Finished, I guess in the round would have gone the other way, starting well and finishing slow, might not have felt so satisfied. But I do feel pretty good. I was patient, which was nice, because I felt myself getting a little frustrated around the turn when I had some opportunities to finally hit some good putts that didn't quite drop. But 4-under is a good score, the position I was in. I'm right there tomorrow with a great opportunity, so it's pretty good.

Q. Talking about the putts dropping, level par going out front nine, but the putts seemed to drop on the back nine. What would you put that back down to?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: The fact that most of the back nine were from three feet, it seemed, at least. One on the last, I suppose. Yeah, I really struggled to get the pace of the greens to begin with. I hit a lot of really good iron shots that went long and hit some good putts that never got to the hole. Just one of those starts, one of those periods, I suppose, on the golf course.

You know, I stuck with it, and my mentality for the back nine was get the ball to the hole and once I managed to do that, it was all good.

Q. Being frustrated at the beginning, how important was it to finish well, three birdies in a row?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Really good. I suppose if nothing else, just for tomorrow, to know that I can birdie those final three heading into tomorrow is nice. You know, you want to always play the final holes well on tournament week, so if I can go bogey, bogey tomorrow, you can write off that piece of advice.

I like the course. I feel comfortable. I'm swinging it well I think. Everything feels all right. One more day tomorrow to try and catch Rob and rocky and see what happens.

Q. You look like you're having a good time out there and it's a good pairing. How much did you enjoy the crowds?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Very good. The crowds, particularly on the last few holes, all of a sudden it got very busy and loud which was great. Irish Open are the best crowds in the world out here, on this island, including Northern Ireland, as well. They just seem to come out in their numbers, regardless of the weather. They obviously adore their golf and it's a real honor and privilege to play in front of all these people, really.

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