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July 6, 2019

Zander Lombard

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. How would you assess your performance?
ZANDER LOMBARD: It was a slow start. I mean, I hardly missed a shot and obviously over par after eight holes, but just on the ninth hole, hit two perfect shots just to get the momentum again to the right side, and went birdie, birdie and just got me moving forward again.

So missed a short little birdie on 12, but didn't faze me too much. From then, it was such a grind. Me and Eddie made some birdies towards the end, but all in all, it was solid. I kept my patience. I stayed patient out there, and yeah, it paid off with a decent finish.

Q. You talk about the tough start. What part of your game do you think was tested the most out there today?
ZANDER LOMBARD: I think it was pretty easy conditions after the rain settled. I had really good chances. I lipped-out on 1 and 3 from long range and then had a silly little 4-putt, a brain fart, actually. Don't know actually what I was thinking about.

But after that, steered the ship. There was nothing wrong with my game. It was just sort of -- the score didn't quite reflect how I played. I think that's the main reason I didn't stayed positive and because I know I was bound to get some birdies out there because I was hitting it really good.

Q. You mentioned the weather conditions today. It's been quite temperamental. How is the course playing?
ZANDER LOMBARD: I think it was playing quite tricky being soft. I see there's a few low scores out there, which could have done because a soft links course is very gettable. I thought the greens were really slow and really soft. So to get it close was tough. Especially if you've got wedges in your hand, to control the spin and the skid, I thought it was tricky. But yeah, the boys seem to be enjoying it.

Q. You seemed to enjoy yourself out there. You talked about the camaraderie with you and Eddie. Do you enjoy playing in front of Irish crowds?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Yeah, I love it. I mean, they are just so passionate about golf, and they just cheer you on and boost you, so yeah, hopefully people can come out again tomorrow and support us.

Q. 3-over par after eight holes, not going according to plan. How did you turn it around?
ZANDER LOMBARD: It was a very funny thing. The score didn't reflect how I played. I felt like I was really flushing the ball out there and had some good looks at birdies but just didn't quite go in. I had a sneaky little 4-putt, brain fart, actually. I don't know what happened there. It was a little scrappy part of the green and just missed the putt. I was 2-over there, and 3-over through eight. Missed a wedge to the right in the bank. Wasn't my best effort.

But didn't let it get to me. I felt I was playing much better than 3-over golf. Said to my caddie, I'm just going to stay patient. Next hole, made birdie, birdie on 9 and 10 and got the momentum going on the right side again. It was solid golf. Just had to stay patient.

Q. Is that the power of momentum we saw? You make a birdie or two, and suddenly you think now I can get going because the course was there for the taking on the back nine.
ZANDER LOMBARD: Yeah, absolutely. I thought the greens were really slow today after the rain this morning. Just it took me awhile to hone in on the lines and the speed. But as soon as I got them, I started rolling in some nice six-footers, and yeah, when your putter is hot, you feel like you can do anything.

Q. You said yesterday you were making changes both in your physique and your swing. Tell us about that.
ZANDER LOMBARD: I don't want to go into too much detail but it's been three months. I started slacking a bit on my processes in my swing and my game, and just really tightened the belt up and just made it tidier. I wasn't doing anything wrong, but I was just missing a lot of cuts by two or three shots. Yeah, it's nice coming in here and being in contention and playing for the win.

Q. How excited to have an opportunity to win a marquis event on The European Tour tomorrow?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Yeah, absolutely. I've been in positions before and hopefully I can tap on some of my previous experiences to pull out the win tomorrow.

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