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July 5, 2019

Yealimi Noh

Oneida, Wisconsin

YEALIMI NOH: I made this decision a long time ago, but I'm really just glad that my game is working and all the practice and hard work and waiting to play has paid off. Yeah.

Q. Having the director of golf operations on the bag in Travis, has that been a huge help?
YEALIMI NOH: Yeah. Oh, my God. I was so lucky to have Travis as a caddie. He's such a great -- just being next to me keeping me calm and just talking about random stuff. He's such a great caddie. Yeah.

Q. You admitted to being a little nervous yesterday morning. What are your thoughts going into the weekend? You're now in the final pairing.
YEALIMI NOH: I'm just really excited to play with amazing players and just see how they play and learn from them and just try to keep playing like those.

Q. Monday qualifier to one off the lead heading into the weekend. What expectations did you have for yourself coming into this week?
YEALIMI NOH: After playing the course couple times I really hoped to shoot close to what I am right now and just like play my best. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, getting ready for it, so I'm really glad it's paying off.

Q. What does it mean to you to be executing in this moment, it's finally come?
YEALIMI NOH: It means sp much. Really like all the hard work, all the months of just like not knowing where I'm going to play and what I'm going to do, just finally playing here and playing well is really like a dream come true.

Q. This is a big moment for your dream to come true. Your second round started off with a birdie. How does that help settle you in?
YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, nice start. Actually my second shot almost went in but spun back quite a bit. I was glad to get it in.

Q. Tomorrow paired with Sung Hyun Park, the world's No. 1 golfer. Is that something you could've pictured at the start of the week?
YEALIMI NOH: Definitely not. I did not think about that. But no matter who I play with and how they're playing, anything, I just don't want to think about anything else. Just focus on my score and my game. I don't want to think too much.

Q. First of all, incredible two rounds of play. What was kind of the key in maintaining that level of play today?
YEALIMI NOH: Just hitting fairways and greens. But I hit my shots pretty well today. I missed actually like -- I played well, but I missed a lot of putts, like a lot lipped out.

You never have a perfect round, but I'm still happy with how it went today.

Q. One more for you. What's it like knowing you're in the final pair with Rolex Raking No. 1?
YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, it's really weird but I'm really looking forward to it, just learning and watching. Ariya, too. Just watching and learning and trying to maybe get to know them better and see how it goes.

Q. Maybe pick their brain, too?

Q. Just kidding. All right, that's all I got. Thank you so much.
YEALIMI NOH: Thank you.

Q. So you had all that amateur success last year. You turn pro in February?

Q. January, excuse me. So I know you don't necessary have status. What have you been doing over the past couple months?
YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, in January I turned pro by playing a tournament in Taiwan I got invited to, like a KLPGA mix and stuff. Made the cut there, so good start to my pro debut.

And then I've been playing just like a bunch of mini tour stuff and then Monday qualifying. But before that I have to keep my game like sharp tournament mode so played Cactus Tour, (indiscernible). Like to be honest, I didn't even know they existed. I was really glad. Like that wasn't definitely not how I pictured how I would turn pro and play.

Like I was really thrown off by it and for a couple months I was like struggling. I was like, Where is my game going, like really struggling. Just to like finally get it together and then play a tournament in Korea, that helped a lot, to really play well under pressure. I had a lot of pressure there. A lot of people watching. Definitely helped me for this week.

Q. And then you had the good score at the Monday qualifier. When you tied for the win, did you know you had it in you to come out and do this, what you're doing right now?
YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, like every time I played a Monday qualifier and didn't make it -- because I missed like five in a row. Even when there weren't that many people. I was like really disappointed.

But I knew that my game could do better. Just every time I did it I was just hoping if I go out there and like play in the LPGA I know I can play well. I just need the opportunity to like play. Obviously I did, but didn't make it. So, yeah.

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