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July 5, 2019

Yu Liu

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. You did not get off to the best start today. Bogeyed the first two holes and then you reeled off five birdies. What did you say to yourself after the rough start?
YU LIU: I know my game wasn't too far off and I knew that there was plenty of opportunities out here, so just trying to stay within my shot and one shot at a time.

So I feel like I didn't make like really dramatic problems on the first two. It was just small problems here and there. But I knew I could get it back, so just trust myself.

Q. Speaking of opportunities, you've given yourself several this year: Five top 10 finishes. What is it going to take for you to get over the next hurdle and hold a trophy over your head?
YU LIU: Yeah, I've definitely learned a lot in the past experiences. I feel like just not thinking ahead of myself definitely helped, and I think that helps me just play at my best level. Just stay within my shot, one shot at a time.

Q. I was thinking about when I was driving up here to see you. There are so many players from other countries. Talk about the sacrifice that you've gone through to leave your home country first to come to the United States to compete at Duke, and then to further your career. What is that like and how hard is that?
YU LIU: To be honest, I don't see it as any sacrifices. I really enjoy being out here, being in America, playing golf for a living. Just being a professional athlete, it's a dream of mine growing up. To be able to actually realize the dream, just feeling very grateful and enjoying my day out here every day.

Q. How often do you get to go back home and see family and friends?
YU LIU: The last time I was back was in March, so right after the event in Singapore. But I have my dad traveling with me every week and then my mom comes out after one or two months.

I don't feel lonely at all. I really enjoy being out here.

Q. So we're at the end of the day. Are you planning to practice? Any little thing that you need to kind of fine tune on your game before the weekend hits?
YU LIU: Yeah, definitely my putting was not nearly as good as I was yesterday. I feel like it's pretty late so I think I'm just going to try to keep my energy level up and try to go back and relax a little bit before tomorrow.

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