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July 5, 2019

Lee Lopez

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. All right. You have yet to have a bogey this tournament. What is about this course that makes it feel so good to you?
LEE LOPEZ: I love this course, the community, just being here. Everyone is so welcoming. It's been a lot of fun, and the course this is in incredible shape.

So, yeah, just been working with my caddie to come up with a good game plan for each hole, and I've been hitting ball well so it's been easy to execute those game plans.

Q. How does this course kind of fit your game the best?
LEE LOPEZ: Well, I feel like I'm pretty consistent off the tee, so being in the fairway out here you can just being aggressive at pins. I think that's been the key this week. I've hit I think every fairway. Maybe just missed one.

A lot of greens in regulations and fairways, so that's been good.

Q. This is a course that's known to go low. Do you look at the leaderboard? Have you been looking at scores as you go through?
LEE LOPEZ: I never look at the leaderboard. Haven't since college. Knowing that though I feel like you just come out here and you have your game plan, execute, and if the birdies drop, awesome. If not, pars are always good. Just let things happen.

Today a good round came by without really trying to do anything special, so that was good.

Q. Playing on a course that's scoring so low, how much pressure does it put on you because you know you have to keep scoring?
LEE LOPEZ: You know, not any different than any other tournament. We're all so good here. The competition is amazing. I've never been prouder to be on the LPGA than I am now. Every week is like this. That's one of the things that makes the LPGA so special.

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