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July 5, 2019

Shoaib Malik

London, England, UK

Pakistan - 315/9 (50), Bangladesh - 221 (44.1)

SHOAIB MALIK: As I mentioned in my previous interviews, whenever I gave interviews, that I'm going to retire from World Cup. Today was our last game, and I'm retiring from ODI cricket. I had planned this for a few years ago to retire on the last Pakistan World Cup match. I'm sad that I'll be leaving format of cricket that I once loved but happy that I'll have more time to spend with my family. This will also allow me to focus on Twenty20 cricket.

I would like to thank some of the most important people whose support and backing helped me through these 20 years of international cricket. Starting with the players I shared dressing rooms with, all the coaches I have under, my friends and family, the media, my sponsors, the Pakistan cricket board, and Pakistan sports board. But most importantly, my fans. I love you all. Thank you.

So now I can take questions.

Q. Shoaib, you started your career way back in October 1999, and it's almost going to be 20 years. You missed two World Cups, the previous one in 2015 and 2011. How disappointing was this World Cup for you because you're playing your last World Cup and you just managed to score eight runs out of three innings and got one wicket? How disappointing for you?
SHOAIB MALIK: I think, if you go through the whole thing, sometimes you come out with a performance, sometimes you don't. But, of course, it's a big platform and expectations were high, but you don't perform that spot of life. I think life never stops, and I'm pretty satisfied with my ODI career.

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