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July 5, 2019

Tiffany Joh

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Tiff Joh, a career low 36 hole score of 14-under par sitting atop the leaderboard. Doing a lot of your damage on the front nine. You're 10-under there for the tournament. What are you seeing there that letting you play so well?
TIFFANY JOH: You know, I'm not really sure what it is. Yeah, yesterday I got off to a really hot start and today I didn't. I had I think like five birdies in a row on my back nine, which is the front nine.

I'm not sure. I think it's the way the holes kind of set up approach-wise. It just makes me like a little bit more aggressive to go at them. I don't know. I have no idea.

Q. What kind of confidence does it give you when you have that setup that fits your eye and let's you be more aggressive?
TIFFANY JOH: Yeah, it's nice, but I played golf long enough to know that you've never really figured this game out. I know better than to go out there tomorrow like strutting on the front nine just because I feel like I played it a little bit better.

It's golf and you never know what's going to happen. Yeah, so I'm just going to go out there and try to do the best that I can.

Q. What have you been focusing on? Tied for 11th at ShopRite, but otherwise your year hasn't gone as well as you might hope. What have you bee focusing on to get your game back towards peak form as it's shown this week?
TIFFANY JOH: Yeah, I switched coaches this off-season. I started working with a good friend of mine from junior golf, Adam Porzak, and I think it's really that the beginning of the year the swing changes just weren't taking yet. I just really didn't have enough confidence to take them out to the golf course.

ShopRite it got really, really windy and it was able to hold up under that kind of pressure. I think this week I'm just kind of seeing the fruits of my labor this off-season.

Q. How do you stay patient with that when the fruits just weren't coming to be born yet?
TIFFANY JOH: A lot of emotional eating. (Laughter.) A lot of Haribo gummi bears, I'm not going to lie. But it's golf and it's nice that like our season is so long and we have so many tournaments and so many opportunities that it's actually not as hard to stay patient as people think.

So, yeah, every week you have another opportunity, and that's what is really great about our tour. Yeah, actually not that hard to stay patient if you have enough gummi bears.

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