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July 5, 2019

Gaby Lopez

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. A little bit up and down there on the front nine, but pulled it really together on the back nine. How would you grade your day today?
GABY LOPEZ: Yeah, I think in the beginning I was not very focused. I needed to I guess wake up, and that's that I did on the back nine.

You know, just try to stay patient, not to go ahead of myself since there is a lot of birdie opportunities on the par-5s. Yeah, keep doing -- keep actually focusing on the feelings that I've had with my swing and with my putting and try to be as present as possible.

Q. A lot of people have said that these par-5s are indeed super reachable. You had an eagle today. Take us through the eagle there and was what the strategy going in?
GABY LOPEZ: Yeah, on 15 I hit a good driver a little bit on the right. I didn't have the great number, but I still hit a 3-wood to 20 feet. Tried to read the putt by myself and, you know, kind of catch the good speed, and it dropped.

So it was nice after bogeying two par-5s in the front and trying to get those two back. Yeah, I guess I need to be a little bit more patient on the par-5s and try to hit the fairways so I can give myself a chance to score eagle.

Q. What do you say to yourself after the front nine to get past the bogeys?
GABY LOPEZ: Yeah, you know, I try to tell myself, whatever. I mean, seriously, the more importance I put on the more tense I get. I guess just trying to hit it as close as possible to the pin, attack the pins, because the greens are receiving pretty good, same as last week and they're rolling pretty similar.

So I guess whatever happens is fine. Just try and attack those pins.

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