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July 5, 2019

Abraham Ancer

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. You're in a nice position for the opening 36. How pleased are you to this point, two days through the Irish Open?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Really happy. Ireland has been good to me to far. The golf course is phenomenal, and I'm playing some good golf.

Q. Your first time in Ireland. Obviously we see you regularly on the PGA Tour. How excited were you to come over and play on the European Tour and sample the weather and the Irish hospitality?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, very happy. I always like to get a little more prep before The Open, and when I heard we got a chance to play the Irish Open, it was a no-brainer to me. Wanted to play a little more links golf. I love this type of golf, and really excited to be here.

Q. What does links golf mean to you? What is it about the challenge that you do enjoy?
ABRAHAM ANCER: I just love being very creative around the greens, also off the tees. The ball can roll any direction at any given point, so I've just got to be really patient and just creative and just have fun.

Q. In terms of this week, obviously it's the Scottish for a lot of guys and then The Open Championship. It's a big stretch. What's key for you in terms of the challenge and what you're trying to get out of the next three weeks?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Well, I'm actually just playing the Irish. I heard the Scottish Open, the golf course is not very similar to Portrush, so I'm just going to take that one off and get to see Ireland a little more, so I'm going to go to Dublin and just hang out there, check it out, so it's going to be fun. Trying to get a good week out here and then just be with great momentum for The Open.

Q. How significant was it that Paul McGinley was trying to get playing conditions this week very similar to what you guys will face at Portrush?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, that's huge. That's one of the main reasons why I came over. I also wanted to play a little bit more on the European Tour if I can. You get some great seedings out here and great experience. The golf courses, like I said, it's a lot of fun. Just being out here, it's just really cool. So really happy to be here.

Q. How would you assess your round out there today?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Very good. I think it was just very solid. The first 10 holes it was playing tough. We got a little bit of rain and some pretty good wind, a little colder, too. But yeah, I'm really happy the way I'm playing. I've been hitting the ball really good off the tee and just managing well my misses and getting some putts to drop. It's always nice.

Q. Great weather yesterday, you probably saw a bit more of the typical Irish weather today. How much more difficult was it today?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, definitely. It was a little bit of a different wind direction, too, and being colder and obviously the rain, it was more of like a mist, but it was definitely playing longer, had some longer clubs, and had to adjust from the tee a little bit, too. But I like it. Obviously came prepared for some bad weather, some great weather, and we'll have a little bit of both.

Q. Moving into the weekend what's the game plan, just more of the same?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, more of the same. Just keep doing the same thing. Try to keep it in play off the tee and have as many looks as I can on the greens.

Q. Am I right in saying this is your first trip to Europe and Ireland? How are you finding the continent and the country?
ABRAHAM ANCER: I love it. I've been to some parts of Europe before but never Ireland, and it's been phenomenal. The views out here, the golf course, everything, has been absolutely phenomenal, and the people have been great, too.

Q. Had any Guinness while you've been here?
ABRAHAM ANCER: I've had a couple pints, yeah. It's been really good. I'm sure next week, I'm going to have a week off in Dublin, so I'm actually going to go to the factory and it's going to be a lot of fun.

Q. How does this compare as a course to the courses you play in México or in the States? Do you play a lot of links golf over there?
ABRAHAM ANCER: No, there's some kind of wannabe links there, but it's just the terrain is not the same. But yeah, I really enjoy this kind of golf. You can just see the history when you walk through these fairways, and I enjoy it. You have to be really creative around the greens especially. That's one of my best things I think I'm pretty creative around the greens, and I enjoy the challenge of having a tough up-and-down.

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