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July 5, 2019

Zander Lombard

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. A storybook couple of days. What has turned things around for you?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Yeah, like I said earlier, it's really just hard graft the last three months. I went through a bit of a bad spell missing a few cuts by one and just sticking to the process of my team. It just came together at the right time, I suppose, and happy with the results so far.

Q. You were really good last year through three rounds of The Open Championship last year. Links golf must agree with you. How do you approach links golf that it makes a difference in your game?
ZANDER LOMBARD: I don't know, I think it's just -- I'm so comfortable on links golf. It's never just a normal shot. It's always a little three-quarter, a little punch, judging the wind right. I've had great success on links golf in my amateur career. I don't know, it's just more good feelings, and hopefully I can take it into the weekend.

Q. 3-under today to capitalise on the 6-under yesterday. You're solo in the lead. How delighted are you with your work this week?
ZANDER LOMBARD: It's been great. Just solid golf, and really enjoying it out there, and starting to see it happen.

Q. You say you're enjoying it, but you also enjoyed it last year when you came sixth. What is it about Ireland that you enjoy so much?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Yeah, like I said, it's just good feelings around links golf. I had a good amateur career on links golf and brought it over to my pro career, as well. Just love the challenge and love being in position.

Q. Recently not the form you would have liked, but has anything adjusted in your game to bring your confidence back?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Yeah, like I said, it's been three months off of hard work, and I saw a bit of light at the end of the tunnel the last three events, missing by one, and really seeing some good stuff happening. It's just seeing the ball go where you want it to go and seeing a few putts drop, it just gives you a bit of confidence, and yeah, hopefully I can keep it through the weekend and through to the Open.

Q. Great crowds out there, and surely the weekend are you looking forward to the Open out there?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Yeah, absolutely. The Irish crowds love their golf, and they're so passionate, so would love to hear a few cheers on the weekend.

Q. How does it feel to lead the Irish Open?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Oh, ecstatic. It's been really good golf, solid, and just really enjoying being at the top.

Q. What has pleased you the most about the two rounds?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Just the consistency I've had. I've really kept myself out of trouble, and the one or two drops I made were just soft little drops. I felt like I've been in full control this week, and that really helps build that confidence, especially on links golf when it's windy and you can't control the bounces and stuff. It's really just -- it's all good for me. Hopefully I can keep it going here.

Q. How were the conditions for you? A lot of the early starters felt it was difficult early on. How was it for you?
ZANDER LOMBARD: I think we hit a bit of a sweet spot in the middle of the day. I went out when it just stopped raining in the first two holes, and then sort of from 11:00 to 2:00 it was decent weather. It was scorable weather. Apparently it's picking up now a bit as the last few holes were quite strong. I think today I had a really good draw, but yesterday finishing at 9:00 wasn't the best of starts. But yeah, just really enjoying it, and the weather has played its part with my round, so hopefully it can keep on being good for the weekend.

Q. Well-played out there, and good performance at the Irish Open a year ago, as well. Clearly you love Ireland and you love the links challenge, as well. What is it about it?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Yeah, absolutely. The support from the crowds are just amazing this week. They come out in the thousands to come support. But yeah, it's just a nice feeling playing a links golf course for me. I have a pretty good imagination around the greens, so I just love the challenge, and I think it suits my game.

Q. What imagination and creativity do you feel like you need around the Lahinch links?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Well, if you miss in the wrong spot you're definitely going to have a tough up-and-down to make, but lucky I had one or two good saves, and like I said yesterday, just keeps the momentum in the right place. It keeps you moving forward.

It's just the tricky little four-, five-foot chips that you don't usually get in normal golf.

Q. Results haven't been going your way of late. Is it nice to maybe have a change-up in terms of coming to play links? Does it freshen you up a bit, does it give you a little reset?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Yeah, I think you change the way you play a little bit on links golf. It's a lot more keeping it low and hitting three-quarter shots. Like I say, I just love that. I love that challenge, judging the wind, and you just play golf.

Q. Which part of your game do you feel has worked particularly well through two rounds?
ZANDER LOMBARD: I think I've been pretty solid in general. I've made really a few good putts out there, a few good chips and a few good iron shots, so it's a bit of everything, and I'd likes to keep that consistency throughout the weekend.

Q. Now you've got this position; confidence-wise what are your thoughts heading into a big weekend?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Well, it's --

Q. Excitable crowds?
ZANDER LOMBARD: Yeah, absolutely. I missed a few cuts coming into this week, and it's been three months of hard work, had to change a few things in my physique and how I swing the club, so it's nice to see the hard work coming off and what a better place to see it happen.

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