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July 4, 2019

Tiffany Joh

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. All right, Tiff, how would you rate your 4th of July?
TIFFANY JOH: Pretty good so far, and I haven't even eaten any barbecue yet. It can only get better from here.

Q. Just take us through your round. What was really working well for you?
TIFFANY JOH: I think it was definitely the putter. Honestly, like this kind of course where it's a little bit of a birdiefest gives my a little bit of anxiety because you kind of come out here and you know you have to put your foot on the gas pedal the whole day.

Yeah, fortunately I made like a few birdies really early only. I think I was 3- or 4-under through the first like four holes, and so that kind of gave me a little bit of breathing room to kind of relax and just play the rest of my round.

Q. I was going to say, how much does that do for your confidence was leading into kind of a tougher back nine as well?
TIFFANY JOH: Yeah, it's really nice, but at the same time, it's golf. Like stuff happens all the time. I feel like it's just -- you never really ever like completely feel relaxed out there. I mean, it's just nice because I would say that my strength is not off the tee and the fairways are pretty generous here, and so that kind of helps a little bit.

Q. You really rallied in the second round at Arkansas to really push you into contention in the weekend, and being able to play the weekend and come here and shoot low, do you think that really picked up your momentum?
TIFFANY JOH: Well, I mean, actually the second round of Arkansas was like a really big struggle, and then we actually made like a really great birdie on the second to the last hole to make the cut on the number.

So, I mean, and then didn't really have a great Sunday. So if anything, I think it gave me a little bit of firepower to come into this course, which is similar to Arkansas in that you need to take it low. It almost felt like a little bit of a mulligan for me.

Q. So this course, how does to fit your game? You were saying you're not stronger off the tee, but the fairways...

Q. You also say putter. What would you say would be the main keys to continue to be at the top?
TIFFANY JOH: This goes for I feel like any round of golf, like you just keep it in play and make putts. I think people really look at ball striking as such an important thing. At the end of the day if you can keep it in play and make putts you can make a lot of money.

I mean, that goes regardless. I think Hannah Green at KPMG, that was a testament to like -- she putted amazing and her putter pretty much won that tournament for her. I think if you watch that and you weren't inspired to go work on your putting and chipping, I don't know what will. Yeah.

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