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July 4, 2019

Jasmine Suwannaoura

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. A little pause there in the action, but being able to close out at 8-under, what is it about this course that forces a lot of people to go low?
JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: I don't know. Me personally I don't think this golf course is that easy. I don't think so.

But overall I just try to hit the fairway and greens and give myself opportunity. I had a lot of opportunity today and make some good putts.

Q. These greens in the afternoon tend to get a little bumpy compared to the morning. Did you feel this as you were going through?
JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: No, I don't think so. This green condition is really good compared to many weeks on tour. I think it's just really smooth and I just (indiscernible) it today, I guess.

Q. Did you have to wait out the delay on the last putt?
JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: We were just sitting there under the scoring tent waiting for like 25 minute, 30 minutes.

Q. So you were on the green, right, when the delay came?
JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: Yeah, yeah, we was running up the hill try to putt before they blow the horn. Apparently they blow it just before I putt, so waiting for like 25 minutes.

Q. You mentioned that this is a tougher course than people think. You just matched your career low here today with your 64. What got into gear to let you go so low all day?
JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: Just because I working on something with my mental game. I was just in the game the whole day and just keep playing golf, working on stuff that I need to work on, and the result come out pretty good today.

Q. When did you start working on that?
JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: Since I work with Michelle, she had a lot of experience as a caddie and I was just talk to her like, Oh, I want to be better. How I'm going to be better? This and that.

Not much I can do as swing, golf, because everybody out here can play golf, can play good golf. Just what kind of mindset or what kind of mood that you want to be on the golf course. What if thing doesn't go right and how you going to come out with the best result when thing doesn't go right, something like that.

Q. You had two strong results last week. 66 and a 65 last week. Is that where you kind of saw the fruits of that, working with Michelle, come out?
JASMINE SUWANNAPURA: Yeah, yeah, the result come out pretty good. I can go low for two days last week and then the last day again like my -- it's still not perfect so I still need to work on it. Just try to get better every day I would say.

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