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July 4, 2019

Yealimi Noh

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Monday the first time you played this course?
YEALIMI NOH: Well, Sunday practice round, yeah.

Q. So how did you turn that into what you did today?
YEALIMI NOH: Just kind of worked my game around the course. I hit it pretty long so I had a couple - the par-5s were really valuable for me. I had a lot of birdie chances on them. I had eagled on one hole.

Yeah, just trying to get as many birdies as I can.

Q. I know that one on 18 you wanted a birdie really badly...
YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, I did.

Q. Settle for par. But what does it mean that you're 9-under, basically one stroke back of the top of the leaderboard?
YEALIMI NOH: I'm just really glad to be out here and play hopefully until the weekend and just keep doing the same thing for tomorrow and hope to be in good position.

Q. I know we kind of read an article from last year. You said, Maybe I can win one of these things if I win a Monday qualifier. Do you think you're kind of manifesting that, per se?
YEALIMI NOH: I don't really want to think about winning right now. I just want to stay up there and just play. I'm just really grateful to be playing right now.

Q. From Monday qualifying to this, what has been going through your mind? What has this experience been like. It's your third LPGA event, but now as a professional what's it like for you?
YEALIMI NOH: I was actually really nervous on the 1st hole. I told myself I wasn't nervous but it was a little different playing like my first LPGA as a pro. I chunked it on the 1st hole, but it was all right. Throughout the round I got a little more comfortable.

Q. For people that don't know the most about you, what went into the decision of turning down UCLA and being able to become a professional, getting sponsors and all that, and now here at Thornnberry? What's that experience been like for you?
YEALIMI NOH: It's actually been like a roller coaster. Beginning of the year I was really struggling just adjusting to pro life. Not having anything to play I was like really struggling, wasn't in the best part of my game, but to come back and work hard and just finally play really good.

Q. You were also able to play a Symetra event, too. Were you able to pick up some points from people that have either been on the LPGA before or those that are trying to as well?
YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, I actually learned a lot about the process and the rules and just that there is a lot of stuff to go through, categories. I learned a lot from players telling me how it's been.

Q. When you stepped on the tee today did you expect anything like you put together?
YEALIMI NOH: I was hoping. I felt good with my game and I was confident, so really glad I pulled it off.

Q. After a day like this what are your expectations for the rest of the week?
YEALIMI NOH: Hopefully the same. Even if it's not as good I would be really happy to just keep making putts and just playing.

Q. With how low this course plays do you think this played to your advantage in terms of getting in the groove and settling down?
YEALIMI NOH: Yeah, hopefully, especially since last year too the cut was pretty -- like under par and it was a low score. I'm just glad to make a move on the first day and hopefully be more comfortable tomorrow.

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