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July 4, 2019

Tiffany Chan

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. What a solid round out there. Bogey-free. What is about this course where you have the ability to go low like this after the first day?
TIFFANY CHAN: I think I keep my momentum from last week. I've been actually striking the ball really well and been struggling with putting since April. Having quite a few high putting rounds.

Is I'm just keep on working on what I have to and finally seeing some results last weekend. Keeping the momentum this week. I'm really happy, but it's just the first day, so I still have three more days to work hard on it.

Q. For you, after the tournament like Arkansas where people also go super low after four rounds, was that kind of helpful going into a course like this that's known to go low as well?
TIFFANY CHAN: You know, coming to the course that you know there is a lot of birdie opportunities out there, you just know that you have to make birdies in order to be up there or even to make the cut.

So when it comes to easier courses it's actually tougher, because if you can do it everyone can do it. You just got to make every shot one shot at a time and just try to make more birdies out there.

Q. When did you realize that could be a hot round for you?
TIFFANY CHAN: You know, as I said, I've been striking the ball really well. I'm just waiting for one day that my putter can get a little bit smoother. You know, I've been waiting for one day, and last week happened and I just try to -- it's almost to the end of the year. I really want to see what I did move in my results.

Hopefully I can keep on working on what I did and bring it on the next three days or even next events.

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