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July 4, 2019

Amy Yang

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Just talk about the 64 today.
AMY YANG: Oh, yeah, I was hitting the ball really solid out there. You know, gave myself lots of good chances.

And also my putting was working well, so when the shot and the putting work together you can score lower. Good day.

Q. With the softness of the course (indiscernible) in order to get it in the fairway and give you a clean look at very receptive greens?
AMY YANG: Yeah, but, you know, it was bit more easier to stop the ball from shorter distance to longer distance, so it gave more like better chance. Yeah.

Q. You come from a course that went low last week and now you come into Thornnberry. What is it about Thornnberry that you think suits your game best?
AMY YANG: I like the look of it. I like the shape and just it suits my eyes, yeah.

Q. Have you been here the last two years?
AMY YANG: This is my second year.

Q. Your second year?

Q. What do you think has changed about you since the first time you saw the course, and have there been any changes on the course?
AMY YANG: It's about the same, I think. It's similar, yeah.

Q. Who do you think it's going to take to go above and beyond to catch up to the leaders? This is a course that last year fellow countrywoman, Sei Young Kim, was able to kind of do the impossible.
AMY YANG: Just keep hitting some solid shot. Be patient out there. Hit some good tee shots off the tee and put it in good spot for second shot and holing some putts.

Q. After you made the turn what was so strong about your back nine?
AMY YANG: Like I said, just all day it's been -- I had a good momentum going on. So after No. 9, birdie on 9 being making long birdie putt, just had a good momentum. Yeah.

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