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July 4, 2019

Eddie Pepperell

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. 5-under, how do you assess your round today?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Good. Surprised, really. I wasn't expecting that. Well, the fact that I've been off for a long time, and you know, it wasn't like I was absolutely flushing it in practice. So yeah, I played a good round of golf to be fair. Pretty chuffed with that.

Q. What part of your game was tested the most today?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I would say, probably my short game. I hit some good short game shots from some tricky spots. I would have to say that. I did feel like my whole game was pretty good. I drove it quite nice. This is a great course for me because it's forcing me to get my driver out a lot, which heading into the next week, and then obviously The Open, it's just what I need; and after Bethpage, when I was also pulling driver out and using the drop, it was nice to actually have some approach shots.

Q. A nasty crosswind this afternoon. How much did that affect your game?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: I prefer crosswinds to an up-and-down course wind. When it's crosswinds it can play easier because it can play shorter. You have to really commit to your shots.

Yesterday in the Pro-Am, for example, there were three or four par 4s into the wind that were really, really difficult. If it played like that today, the scores wouldn't be as low as it is. The course played a little easier than I anticipated it might. Yeah, it would be nice for the wind to get up a little bit this week. I think it would see some teeth, for sure, some goat's teeth.

Q. Lahinch is quite a unique course. What do you make of it?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, I really like it. I really, really like it. I said to Tim on the course, I can't work out if I like it better than County Down or not. It might be a close second. For me, it's spectacular. Holes 6 to 12, brilliant holes. Really well designed.

You do have 4 and 5 which are definitely quirky and funky, but it doesn't put it off. It doesn't put it off for me. It's a pleasure to play it.

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