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July 4, 2019

Mike Lorenzo-vera

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. How did you enjoy the challenge and beauty of Lahinch?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Well, I played when I was young here, but I didn't remember it that good looking, and every shot is enjoyable here. Just a few a bit tight at the end, but yeah, I'm just trying to hit the good spots. You know, links course, try to hit a good shot and wait what happens with the ball touches the ground.

Well, we've been very patient and precise all day, so that was cool.

Q. What was the key to your round then? What were the main positives from today?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: I am a little bit ashamed of this one, but I shanked one on 10 -- 11, the par 3, like proper shank, but nowhere. Huge rough. I was like, I'll try to putt it back on the green. Managed to do something pretty good about 15 metres and holed it for par. And made birdie, birdie just after, so that was a really good turn of the round. I didn't shank a golf shot since maybe five or six years in a tournament, so that was a bit strange.

Q. What were you saying in that moment? What do you say to yourself?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Something bad in French, for sure, that you don't want to hear. Those kind of shots, you laugh, just try to do a good bogey there. The ball was aiming for a bush and it stayed just short of it and that was cool. I got the bonus to hole the putt. I just went to the next tee with a big smile and bombed one down the middle.

Q. 5-under, only one bogey, tell me about your round?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Yeah, that was a proper round of golf. I started, it was really cold and I managed to hit really good shots. I shanked one on 10, nowhere in the bushes and managed to make par, anyway, and birdie, birdie, 12 and 13, so that was a really good turn of the round today. So yeah, I'll just try to keep the same game but without the shank, would be nice.

Q. Obviously no shanks tomorrow.

Q. What's your game plan?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: Game plan is not much. You never know how the wind is going to be, where the pins are going to be. So the plan is to recover from a very early wake-up and nice gym and here we go, just wait for the second round.

Q. Lots of people out there today. What's the atmosphere like?
MIKE LORENZO-VERA: I think we were here just before the public, but yeah, it's so good to play in Ireland. All the guys know the game really well, and they know that sometimes the ball is 15 metres from the pin, but you can't do better than that, so they clap. They know the game and it's really nice to play next to them.

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