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July 4, 2019

Wade Ormsby

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. 5-under, some very consistent golf played out there. Tell us about your round.
WADE ORMSBY: A bit of a slow start. It was pretty cold this morning. Soft bogey up 5 I think and then I got it going after that. I holed a putt off the green and all becoming a little bit easier.

Q. That bogey on the 5th obviously is the blind par 3. How did you find that whole experience?
WADE ORMSBY: It's probably the easiest pin we're ever going to see on that hole. I didn't get it over the front ridge, and there's a nice backstop and I think you'll see a lot of birdies this afternoon.

Q. Three birdies in a row on the back nine. What started to work really well for you out there?
WADE ORMSBY: Hit a nice shot into 10 I think to about two feet, so that was pretty easy. Hit a nice shot on the next and holed about a 15-footer. Then birdied 12 after that, so no, it's just I hit a lot of greens on the back nine. I think I only missed one on the back side and so I gave myself a lot of chances and made the one decent putt. It was quite solid.

Q. Ending with a birdie, as well, how important is that for you?
WADE ORMSBY: Well, 18 has been playing probably the easiest hole for us all week, but today the wind switched a bit and so it's off the side and a little bit of hurt. I didn't quite get up for two, but I hit a nice pitch shot in there to a couple of feet. Nice way to finish.

Q. Now that you've got your first round under your belt, does this change your game plan going into tomorrow?
WADE ORMSBY: I didn't warm up terribly well this morning, so obviously very happy with the round regardless of warm up, good or bad, when you're shooting 65. I'll go and do some work this afternoon. My ball-striking wasn't very good in warm-up very good early on, but there's always work to be done on the game, so try and do a bit of that.

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