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July 4, 2019

Oliver Wilson

County Clare, Republic of Ireland

Q. How nice to be here, and secondly, to take advantage?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, obviously delighted to be here. It's been a funny schedule this year, just not quite knowing what's around the corner. I've managed to get quite a lot of tournaments in my category and I'm delighted with that. I thought I would be missing all the Rolex Series Events and all the big ones where you really want to be.

I was delighted to know that I had a chance of getting in, and a bad weekend last week but still managed to get in. Delighted to be here. It's amazing, fantastic weather, and today was a fun round. I struggled in practise. I had a good session yesterday and started to find a little bit of something, so delighted to go and take advantage this morning.

Q. Great course. Blind shots 4 and 5. What's your assessment in terms of how you tackle this layout?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I mean, it's a really good links. Like it's tough. It doesn't need the wind to make it tough but if the wind does blow, it will be brutal. You have to really drive it well, keep it in play and you can make a score. I did that quite well today and hit a lot of greens. It was one of those rounds that was just nice.

You know, I didn't stress too much. I was kind of in play the whole time. Had three good chances coming down the last three, and missed them all. So that was a little disappointing. If I can keep hitting fairways and greens, then I can do well around here but I'm sure the wind is going to pick up at some stage. Even this afternoon, just a little bit, it makes some of the tee shots a little bit harder. It's just a really solid golf course. A couple of quirky ones in the middle but overall it's fantastic.

Q. Great season for you. We know the per I wills and ups and downs in the life of a professional golfer, but when you are in this form and getting into this Rolex event this week, how much do you appreciate the situation you're in right now?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, when you're not in it, you really appreciate it. So I've been playing well for a while now, and the confidence is coming back.

So I guess you kind of get back in that arena and you go, well, of course. But it wasn't too long ago that I was nowhere near. I do appreciate it. It's nice; I think you take notice of what's going on. Like there's so much more involved in events, and less stress. Things don't annoy you quite as much as they can do as a golfer; we're a bit of a weird lot.

Q. No comment.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I guess maybe a bit of age, as well, and maturity. Kind of get on with it. It's only golf at the end of the day. Got my career going again. It was nearly over, but I feel like I've got a long way left now, so I'm enjoying sort of rising back and see how far I can go, learning from all the mistakes I made.

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